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Yamaha HS8 Studio Monitor

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WARNING: by purchasing these from Massdrop unless something goes wrong with them in the first 30 days YAMAHA WILL NOT HONOR THE MANUFACTURER WARRANTY BECAUSE MASSDROP IS NOT AN AUTHORIZED YAMAHA DEALER. I purchased my HS8's last year - and this year one of the monitors has a low level hiss and crackle (most likely a power supply). When I contacted Yamaha Support to register my speakers I put in MASSDROP as the purchaser. Looking on the Yamaha web site I found this in the FAQ's:

Warranty Policies
Yamaha provides warranty coverage for new Yamaha products originally sold by Yamaha Authorized Dealers located in the United States. Yamaha products purchased from retailers other than Yamaha Authorized Dealers (whether via the Internet, or otherwise) will NOT be covered by Yamaha’s warranties, and U.S. service centers will not repair such products under warranty. Check our Service Locator for a list of U.S. Authorized Servicers.

Now I'm looking at paying out of pocket for a brand new factory sealed monitor. I have not been able to find ANYTHING on the Massdrop site in their terms and conditions that state that purchasing through this e-commerce platform will VOID the manufacturers warranty.

While the speakers themselves are fabulous - the fact that I purchased them through MassDrop means that I have no warranty. There goes the deal. If Massdrop provides me with an authorized purchaser then I'll update the group.

Really disappointed to learn this. All they have to do is state that the manufacturer warranty is voided by not purchasing through an authorized dealer. If things change I'll let the group know. I've been a loyal and enthusiastic member of Massdrop for almost (3) years. Hate to learn this about a site I really enjoy purchasing through.
These are actually $269.00 brand new on Amazon.
I have a subwoofer now for my computer audio system. It is a Yamaha HS8s. With this subwoofer's 8" woofer, I won't need the HS8, but could use the HS6 or even HS5, correct? I don't want to splurge on these to get the big boxes when the smaller units would sound better than having all 8" woofers, right?

I have a set of powered studio monitors now with a 6" woofer, and it seems to do just fine in the bass dep't. Does anyone have any hands on experience with the HS8s subwoofer paired with the HS8 monitors? Is it too much bass?

Is there any benefit to getting a pair of "non-studio monitors"? I have seen pairs of JBL and Klipsch self powered speakers that may be better suited to use as a computer sound system as far as many commenters on here go. How am I going to see if the speakers/monitors are better suited for my use without having to purchase and return/keep?
I am running a Schiit jotunheim with balanced dac on Presonus e5s using the balanced output for the monitors and the se for a sub. It’s not a big difference but it Is better than just using line outs from my PC. I can connect both at once and switch using the PC‘s settings. I expect the difference would be larger with the Yamaha HS8 and was planning to upgrade soon.

Point is, a balanced dac/pre had noticeable benefits at a lower price point so it’s probably worth having for these.
If only these shipped to New Zealand
How can we get a pair?
At checkout you can select it.
I got these "used" for $230 each a little over a year ago on Ebay from Unique Squared. When they arrived, they were factory sealed.
They are superb reference monitors. They are rear ported, and it is recommended that they have ample space away from a wall.
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It can also be the power supply. See my post above.
How would that apply if it's only one speaker? I have the issue in only one. They are both plugged into High End Furman Power conditioners. It's most likely the power supply from what the Yamaha Authorized Repair shop said normally happens with Yamaha HS series monitors
Literally bought mine for 213€ per piece in Muziker (in EU) few weeks ago, instant delivery. Not sure if this price on Massdrop is that much competitive.
I agree. In Sweden we can get them for exactly 280 USD. And they have been that price for at least 3-4 years.
Why would I need to purchase "an additional monitor for a stereo setup" after my blasting cap accident at the Mutating Wildlife Refuge?

Next, I'll be picking up a metrosexual monocle for my extant peeper.
swing and a miss
The "miss" would be Massdrop's odd suggestion that anyone might be interested in picking up a single speaker without "an additional monitor for a stereo setup." But gee, I sure am glad you're here to rate other people's responses, since I was kind of wondering what you thought and junk like that!
Just got them in. GF wanted to kill me when she saw how big they were, but she's grown to love them xD

Really nice monitors.
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I got the green caps from this drop in 2015. They're not shinethrough though, but still pretty nice.
LED can be unplugged so cutting the wires is unnecessary.
Yamaha has a rebate on new Yamaha speakers. These have a $45 rebate on each. Is this rebate available on these brand new speakers? I can't see why not.
Wondering that myself, the fine print reads 'from authorized retailer', so im not sure if massdrop is one or not.