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Yazzii Sewing Machine Mat

Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

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Is this in Canadian dollars? If you join the drop does that mean you are purchasing? And how do you figure out shipping?

It's irritating when there's no response to questions.
Hi massive, responses are below.
My initial question was posted five weeks ago. Your answer and other pertinent ones were posted only in the last two hours.
If you click on the JOIN DROP button, you will see there is a $7.75 shipping charge; I saw no option for color selection. Doesn't mean there isn't a choice, I just didn't see it and don't want to pay the $7.75 shipping.
It's a $5 savings from the big A and from Craftsy prices but is there a charge for shipping?
Do we get to choose a color? The pictures show mostly purple but also a red, but when I go to join there isn't a place to choose a color. It looks like there are several colors available elsewhere online so it would be nice to know what color we're signing up for.
Sorry RachelB, only purple is available for this drop.
Is this a mat hanging from the table with the table Photoshopped out? It looks like a box. I don't like purple. Black or red would be preferred.
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One normally thinks of a mat as being flat. The image would have been clearer had the table been kept in the photo.
Thanks. Two hours ago, the red image was still up. Please don't post options that aren't available, it's confusing.

In general, I haven't liked the colors for the sewing products. I'm not a fan of pink, purple, and aqua.
i would join this drop if it comes in other colors. I don’t want purple.
SERIOUSLY, the photos show a red color too. Are there color choices??
There are colors beside purple?
Yes, what are color options?
what are the color options??
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