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More olive in large please :(
Change name of the line to "Young & Dumb"--both deficiencies are absolute prerequisites for anyone gullible enough to pay $35 for a $9.00, Old Navy t-shirt, before Old Navy marks them down to $6.99 for the week-end sale!
--Wise up children!,13518818,flyout_m_Tee_Shop&clink=13518818
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Thanks for coming here and providing an opinion nobody asked for.
> I am offering you the benefit of my many years of experience and expertise
I'm sorry, but you aren't offering anything helpful. You're just angrily insulting me. Nobody asked for your opinion, you just came here and gave it to us. Like we care? Just because you don't understand something isn't an excuse to insult it, or to insult the people who DO like it.

> rather than showing a little appreciation, you're acting like an unhinged adolescent.
Why should I APPRECIATE you coming here, insulting me, calling me a child, when nobody asked your opinion? You aren't just being condescending, you're just being a terrible human being. You make your own choices, don't get involved in anyone else's.
Why are you commenting on a discussion for a product you didn't even buy, and definitely don't plan on buying? Massdrop should ban people like you from commenting if you're complaining about a product you don't even own.
Stop calling other people childish, it's clearly a projection. The only childish one here is you, using childhood insults. You aren't experienced, you're old and crabby and are yelling at younger people because you refuse to try and understand them. That doesn't make you experienced or intellectual, it shows you're ignorant for not understanding a viewpoint that isn't your own.
There, there now little Johny! Did the bad man say mean things to you? Take your little Teddy and hide under the covers—everything will be okay in the morning—you little Twit!
What the heck is a "Back Dart"?
Back darts is the two darts on the back neck of olive tee and white tee (See pictures). It is just a modern look instead of a plain crewneck tee.
I didn't see the pictures of the whole backs, now I understand! Thank you very much.
How is the fabric weight? Simply light/medium/heavy (for a cotton T) would help.
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It’s medium weight. High quality fine cotton. feel very comfortable.
No surprise there. Chalk it up to experienc—you “won’t get fooled again“
Tubular knit?
im not that young or hip no more - guess no buy for me :/
hi! any one here knows about the shoulder width of size S and M?
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thanks a lot pal!
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