Yunmai Color Smart Scale w/10 Precise Measurementssearch

Yunmai Color Smart Scale w/10 Precise Measurements

Yunmai Color Smart Scale w/10 Precise Measurements

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As an FYI for everyone interested, this device's app on Android now states that it requires fine location information for BT LE pairing. I knew something was up because this app had been working prior to some update. Sure enough, only coarse location is required for BT LE pairing on Android, and it can be relinquished once the pairing is finished. Check out the openScale app on Google Play or F-Droid before installing Yunmai's if you buy this! I'm not 100% certain it's compatible (my Yunmai Premium scale is not) but Yunmai's app requires insane levels of permissions. Check them out on the Google Play store, scroll down and click Permissions to see it. There are far more requested than is needed in the slightest, regardless of what their developer account says.
Can anyone please tell what is the dimension and weight of the packaged box? I want to get it via a forwarder.

Isn't this going for $50 on amazon?
Is it just me or does this look *exactly* like a re-branded Pivotal Living Smart Scale?
From the Massdrop listing :

Domestic orders will be shipped by the vendor.”

Yet it say No International Shipping !!!
I wonder why it even bothers saying domestic orders then, hmmm I sense a bit of conjecture here then no ?
I was thinking about purchasing it- until I read this on Amazon. Posting as an FYI. The Ads thing is what really soured me, though the subscription is pretty bad also.


I've been using the scale for five months and overall have been very happy with it. But the most recent update for its "free" iPhone app added ads and removed features unless you pay $60/year for a subscription -- if you go with the monthly $9.99 rate, you'll be spending $120 a year!!
This is outrageous. It's cheaper for me to buy a competitor's scale than to pay this ridiculous annual subscription fee just to be able to access all of my data. For now I can still export data to the Apple health app, but I suspect it's a matter of time before that, too, becomes a "premium" feature.
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Your OP literally talks about the iPhone. This is why I mentioned that the iPhone already has a free native app that is most likely better than Yunmai's paid subscription.
It also literally says 'I read this on Amazon. Posting as an FYI.'
People everywhere need weight management...So so so very annoying that does not ship internationally.
This product has 1300 reviews on Amazon and most are glowing (70+% 5 star), if anyone was curious. From the review I read it gave a strong impression that this is a good company to buy from.
Anyone thinking of buying this, I would download their app first, read the Terms and Privacy info, and be sure you are comfortable with this before buying this product. The app makes you register, provide email info, monitor and have access to your telephone dialing functions as well as camera and such. A lot of access for an app that is just supposed to remotely take readings from your scale. Be sure you are comfortable with the terms on the app before buying.
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Yes the scale worked fine without allowing everything to be accessed.
It seems like you would be able to turn off everything except location (though it would affect what features are available). From their FAQ:

Why does my Android device ask to grant Yunmai access?

The access agreement that appears on your phone is a requirement by the Android system; you won't see a notification on an iOS device. Other mobile applications on Android devices, like MyFitnessPal, show a permission request similar our app.

Outlined are the latest permissions and what we are accessing:
Device & app history − Allows access your historical app data and lets the app save additional information. It also needs to be activated for your data to sync with other apps like Google Fit.
Identity − Allows your application to access previously saved accounts and to change any personal information saved to the device. Also, it allows you to login to the app using other accounts (like Facebook).
Location – Android, using software Android 6.0 or later, requires this access when Bluetooth is turned on.
Photo/Media/Files & Camera – Allows you to upload or take a profile picture for your account.
WiFi connection information – Allows the application to upload data to the cloud.
Bluetooth connection information - Allows the scale to sync data collected to the mobile app through the Bluetooth connection.
Device ID & call information - Since our application can sync with up to 16 devices, the scale needs to know which device to sync to and the Device ID facilitates this.
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