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ZOMO Aluminum & Acrylic Artisan Collector Box

ZOMO Aluminum & Acrylic Artisan Collector Box

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With all the mentioned issues, anyone know of good alternatives?
Just an FYI - I bought one of these about a month back and promptly returned it. there were many problems with it. It's way too dark inside, even with a lighter colored case. It's also very short, and does not support taller artisans like Krap's kitsune fox. Next, the plastic windows i got for mine were scratched and damaged when they arrived. These windows fit in the case with nothing but friction, which cause them to have tiny cracks when the windows was installed. Overall, just a poorly done product.
Just an FYI this is a company that plagiarizes, claims to fix plagiarism by stopping sales of product in question, and then is found in contradiction of their claims: https://www.reddit.com/r/mechmarket/comments/7kt12n/gb_zomo_artisans_helmet_airdrop_box_pan_and_ass/dwfczrd

Why Massdrop still allows ZOMO products on here still despite multiple similar incidents is beyond me.
Is there a reasoning to use a case like this instead of putting the keycaps on the keyboard?
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I just have a small amount and dont plan on getting a lot. They dont all fit the color scheme but should still look nice for my new keyboard.
honestly, too small. but not in a quantity way. like some have mentioned, as you load more keycaps in the rubber starts to buckle and lift in the middle. Also the height given to be able to put the lid on is short. And it just doesn’t look as good if you can’t put the lid on in my opinion.
How does the glass fit in the box? Mine drops even with a light tap from outside.
as far as i could tell it just friction-fits in the frame. Mine cracked when i inserted it.
really? friction fit? man to think I was close to getting one. thanks for the heads up.
Got mine today and am having issues.

I ordered three. One is a gift so I haven't opened it. Two are for myself.

The clear piece that you use as a cover on the two that I have opened are not clear. They have a bunch of white speckles/dots all over them - rendering them useless as front covers.

One of the two that I got does not stay pieced together. There are two main metal parts that sort of "click" together after you put the keys inside. With one, there is an audible click when I put them together and I am able to turn it upside down with no issue. On the other one, there is no click and the top metal part simply rests on top of the other one, making it so if I were to turn it upright at all it would come off.

I have messaged support but am wondering if anyone else is having similar issues?
Edit: I tried for 10 minutes to try to peel off what I thought was a cover on the glass and nothing budged, so I posted this. After another reply, I tried again and soaked it in water and the peel came right off. I'll leave this here in case anyone else struggles to peel it off as well.

I am still having an issue with one of my boxes not staying clicked together.
Did you peel the protective layer off of them? Plexiglass/acrylic usually comes with a film on it to protect from scratches.
You're right! I also thought it was a film but I tried peeling it for 10 minutes before giving up and posting here. Once you replied I soaked it in water and sure enough it started peeling back. It was just really wanting to stay on there I guess! Thanks for the help.

Still having the issue with one of the boxes not "clicking" and staying together, though. :(
I got mine today, but I'm a little disappointed with it. As someone else mentioned some artisans cause the rubber to warp/buckle a bit which displaces my other keycaps. I also didn't receive either of the plastic windows with mine.

Looking it over though, the rubber insert is really easy to remove so I think I'll just line it with some felt and secure my caps the same way that they are with muni_chang's wood frames.
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The plastic windows are hidden inside the cardboard box, from memory. Or under the rubber insert. Either way, I had the same reaction until I found them :D
I checked everything, including under the rubber mat. Sadly it looks like mine just didint get them.
Which space bar is that? Can someone shed some light for me? Thank you
Judging from the comments and pictures, it turned out much darker than on the product pictures, though.
womp womp. found it on KBD fans available to be shipped out now for $47 out the door.
So just to confirm, this is able to close completely with taller artisans like the SA mini iceland keycap shown in it?
Just tested, and yes the Mini Iceland fits just fine. Doesn't seem that much taller than other artisans I already had in it.