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ZOMO Aluminum & Acrylic Artisan Collector Box

ZOMO Aluminum & Acrylic Artisan Collector Box

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Which space bar is that? Can someone shed some light for me? Thank you
Judging from the comments and pictures, it turned out much darker than on the product pictures, though.
womp womp. found it on KBD fans available to be shipped out now for $47 out the door.
So just to confirm, this is able to close completely with taller artisans like the SA mini iceland keycap shown in it?
Just tested, and yes the Mini Iceland fits just fine. Doesn't seem that much taller than other artisans I already had in it.
The shape of some artisans will make the rubber insert buckle a bit, and some might also be a little too tall (my Project Specter artisan pushes the lid up a little) but this is a great little box. Smaller than I expected, but immaculately packaged and perfect for displaying all the expensive little keycaps I've bought.
I understand why two plexi are delivered with ... First insertion, the plexi that splits at the place of one of the 6 pins ...
Don't buy from this company. They are plagiarists. Also the plastic cracks easily. You can get the Evil Box on AliExpress.
The Evil Box isnt anywhere near as nice as this box for display purposes, plus it only fits 1x1 caps. What is this plagiarising, exactly?
This particular item is not what I would consider plagiarized at all, and I agree that it is really nice compared to the evil box. The problem is that the company themselves are plagiarists. They have made molds based on other peoples' sculptures and sold them as artisans.
Works pretty good! Well worth the price of entry.
My glass is a little too dark...
Seemed to include 2 pieces, one clear and one tinted.
So these are being sold at a couple keyboard enthusiast websites, any clue when these will ship?
While artisan keys really don't do it for me (I can understand maybe an artisan ESC key, that's about it, because of my pseudo-OCD most likely), I'd love to have something like this but larger to store full sets in. Currently I have my GMK Nautilus set sitting on top of their plastic GMK tray since I took them off to put /dev/tty on until I get a new board for the GMKs. Was originally going to put the /dev/tty caps on a new board, but I really want MX Green switches and after using the new MT3 profile, blues with that profile already provide a really nice level of resistance. Tangents aside, I would love something sturdier to store something as expensive and easy-to-lose as keycaps.
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Already doing that. But then I have a third set coming, will probably get another board for that too by the time that comes, but by the time it does I'll probably buy yet another set. And if I don't, all the extra novelties and non-standard keycaps that come in different sets, need somewhere to store them safely.

Also, despite getting another board, it's not an easy decision. I would like a pre-built one, but options on something the layout I want is more limited. Even if I do build from a kit, I will have keycaps sitting out for quite some time. And when people work on their keyboards and such, need a place to store them. I doubt everyone here is using every key they would want to otherwise keep stored safely and securely.
You can always get a thingy like the one they sell on one up keyboards
Does the top snap on/lock/attach in any way?

I guess a different way of asking is, if I turn it upside down, does the top fall off? (For these purposes, assume said upside-down-turning takes place in a gravity well like Earth's.)
And... followup question. Looking more closely at the pictures, it looks like the interior dividers might be a 3D-printed plastic insert, and not milled? Is that the case?
it does look like plastic and the title mentions acrylic, so I'm guessing that's it.