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Ballast watch battery

just recieved my new Ballast Trafalgar Dress GMT watch from Massdrop. Disappointed that it was not operating out of the box. I'm hoping since it's a quartz movement that it just needs a battery but there is no listed specs as to what that battery size/type may be. Does anyone know the answer to that, what's the required battery for this watch?

Hey man, sorry to hear about your watch not sharp out of the box. I am pretty sure the Trafalgar GMT uses an ISA 8176 quartz movement, which uses a type 399 battery.
Being that Ballast switched to a automatic movment sometime early 2016, it is likely just the battery. I'd reach out to MD anyway just to have it noted though, perhaps see a watch maker Or jeweler.
Nice watch too
Thanks for the info.... Yup, new battery and it's off and ticking
No prob man.... glad it's strutting its stuff, now show that baby off!!!