May 21, 20181046 views

Compact Mechanical Keyboard with Numpad, Function Keys etc...

So I'm looking for a compact mechanical keyboard that closely resembles the old Apple G3 compact keyboard. I've looked far and wide but so far I haven't found one so I'm hoping the Massdrop community can help! If it doesn't exist a group buy would be great if its preassembled!
It would need to have the following:
  1. qwerty
  2. numpad
  3. function keys (they could be half-size or full-size)
  4. Black aluminum frame/case
  5. Cherry MX Blue
  6. Backlit RGB (user selectable colors)
  7. PBT keycaps
  8. detachable USB cable
  9. Blue-tooth would be nice but prefer cable
  10. Mac OS modifier keys


I was looking at the cooler master but its missing 4 function keys, it doesn't have dedicated arrow keys and the 0 on the numpad is not long enough (1 key width versus 2)
I'm thinking I'll need something custom made