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Spyderco Para 3 w/ DLC-Black CPM M4 blade...tomorrow

Dropping tomorrow at 10:00 A.M. MOUNTAIN Daylight Time--remember it's MDT, which statistically is probably not the one you're one--will be the BladeHQ exclusive Spyderco Paramilitary 3, with the usual "natural" G10 scales, but also the one-time only DLC-coated black blade.

If you've never experienced CPM M4 blade steel, wel...it's pretty ridiculous, to be quite frank. Gets sharper and stays sharper than anything other than the freaky "super-premiums" like S110V, S90V, Maxamet, ZDP 189, etc. And it's a hell of a lot easier to sharpen, in my experience. The only downside is that M4 oxidizes fast, and while you can try to prevent rust there's no way to prevent a black patina from eventually developing, short of not using the knife (you should see my C4 Manix 2, the first one of these I got). So you might as well start out with the DLC, even if it's not usually your thing.

Price is $154.95, free shipping because it's >$99; tax for me and anybody else in-state, or as applicable. Damn guvmmint. The website is: https://www.bladehq.com/item--Spyderco-M4-Para-3-Knife-Natural-G--71565

Oh, and pick up one of their exclusive kwaikens whilst there. In fact, if you cant afford both, get the kwaiken. It's a beautiful knife, and very well put together (rides on IKBS). I should do a post about that...
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I think Koeing they are the best there is right now hands down. The Arius is the best knife made right now and at a price most can afford. Let's hope they don't go the way of two Canadian brothers who think they can charge what ever they want. I think in the future they'll be in for a rude awakening. The rule is buy American and I say Koeing.
Looks awesome, though the one I am really waiting on is the 2nd run of these...