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I have an ASUS PA248Q which is a factory calibrated 100% sRGB monitor, and I have to say that the ownership experience has been very bad. The monitor performs well in bright lighting conditions (eg. overhead florescent lighting typical of an office) but when the lights are low or off, the PA248Q becomes the worst monitor I've ever owned.
I followed up with ASUS and they said that they only calibrate monitors at the center point and they only test panel uniformity using a neutral gray. This testing methodology is adequate for bright lighting conditions and bright images, but it's a poor test for dark backgrounds in darker lighting conditions. For example, ASUS testing cannot detect edge light leakage, which is a major problem with the PA248Q ~ see attached image. The corners of the screen give off a yellow/orange glow that's super distracting once you notice it ~ I spoke with one of their product managers and they said that IPS panels suffer from this and that my example is within spec.
I returned my first PA248Q under ASUS's zero bright pixel warranty since it had a couple of bright pixels (stuck red in the center). I returned my second PA248Q due to the light leakage issue. My third PA248Q also has the issue though it's a little better with the brightness turned down (but of course the color accuracy also suffers because of it). It's just my experience but I'd stay away from ASUS if you're looking for a high quality precision monitor ~ they are priced low for a reason.