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Now Available!

Thanks to nicpope for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Massdrop x AKG K7XX Red Edition drop available.

MattMassdrop Buyer

Massdrop x AKG K7XX Red Edition

Massdrop x AKG K7XX Red Edition

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where are the 7XX made
Thanks !!!
Red makes things look cheap.
I just saw a review of these headphones on YouTube. I will be getting these as soon as I can.😉👍🏾🏆
well guess ill be getting a second pair.
Hey Everyone,

Tomorrow we'll announce the release of the K7XX Limited Red Edition, the direct result of your participation in this poll.

The drop will launch on Sunday (Valentines Day) at 9am EST, 6am PST. First 250 purchasers are guaranteed a serial under 300. Units from this drop will ship by March 4th (reasonable chance of it being slightly earlier, depends on a couple remaining logistics variables). We've allocated 1500 units for this drop.

Thanks to everyone who voted, added new colorways, and shared this poll. Your contribution is what made this product possible, and because of that, I feel you deserve to be the first to hear about it, and the first to see it.

Take a look, let me know what you think.
Gray accents, rods, stitches?
it would be great if instead of just selling the top voted colour scheme you sold all the ones that got over 200 votes, because the pair with the blue accent ring, blue stitching and black rods will got my money any day over any of the others and as a result there will be more customers as colour schemes are very much a personal preference theme and most people wouldn't buy a pair that doesn't match their setup....
Yeah at this point with all the red ones that have sold and lots of that demand met, the blue ones would probably outsell them. For me that's one hang up I have with getting the original black ones since the red don't match my setup. I don't want to get the black ones only to have the blue ones come out a few months later.
To be honest, I've been looking for new headphones for a while, but im going to put that search on hold because im pretty much sold on the black/yellow vintage model. Here's hoping this comes to fruition!
I'm loving the AKG K701 look one. At the same time, I can see that it isn't actually a choice that can win, and I would also be absolutely pissed that I got the 7xx regular black edition instead of those glorious babies.
Are these definitely going to get produced? Trying to decide if I should wait or join the current K7XX drop.
I asked one of the staff in the k7xx drop thread and didn't get a response. Anyone can make a poll but it would be an imposition on AKG to have to create custom colored parts rather than picking from their existing stock. They would probably have to sell a much larger batch of units to justify the additional manufacturing costs. My guess is that we won't be seeing a custom K7xx and instead, additional drops of the current all-black product. Here's hoping I'm wrong!
This was created by one of the staff, so I'm assuming it's actually happening. I'm waiting for this color one unless it takes a really long time.
Black and Yellow, ofc
The vintage K240 monitor color theme is amazing. I hope it's seriously considered by the manufacturer.
Or some sort of urban camo would be sick