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I have no patience for all this voting mumbo-jumbo--I voted for the Jotonheim with my wallet!
Just got word it shipped today with the Gen 2 DAC upgrade ;- )
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DX7s drop went live an hour ago. Can't commit though lol. Even if its better it doesn't have the inputs I need. I'll consider something higher end in the $1k area in the future for expansion
RME ADI-2 if you want to spend $1000
We need "vote to remove" feature. We'll never see Schiit product in the drops. If we do it will be by their own grace, not by our collective will, and havin fulla or magni as option in vote is only the finger in the eye.
I have a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2, these things are great for hooking up mics with phantom power, but their headphone output is weak. I've had it side by side with a Schiit Magni 2 and the Magni sounded much better with everything.

Sadly, Schiit isn't going to do a sale, but they never said they won't do a Massdrop limited edition that might happen to have a different price. It would have to be an actually different product than their normal line up. It's worth seeing if they will do it.
First, let me say that I have no problem with the question. Today, I voted for the Decware. Next week maybe something else. A man can dream can't he?
Essence HDACC is the only one with HDMI!!
Lets' see here... ladies and gentlemen... Shit wins by a mile! How could this possibly be? I'm shocked.. completely shocked.
You should be shocked honestly
i have ath m40x using it with 8 yr old sony laptop and wis to experience quality audio and some punchier bass .

so far after googling i have come to find these schiit fulla 2 (153 usd) , fiio e10k ( 92usd) , schiit modi 2 (185 usd) , fiio q1 ( 77usd) , dragonfly v1.5 (161usd) {converted from india rupees to usd prices are very high compared to us}

these all come under my budget and apart from laptop i also wish to use the same with my samsung mobile / even if it does not

work with mobile its not deal breaker for me.

given that its m40x dac amp is not necessarily needed so whether its dac or dac/amp combo it does not matter to me

i just want best bang for buck / no plans to upgrade to newer costlier headphones.

its so much confusing /

kindly suggest what to buy ??
fulla 2
Guys, Schiit will never give discounts or sales. The link explains it all.

Edit: thank you Helpbot for updated link
Stop voting for Schiit gear!
"I found your product on a curated online store/group buy deal/anywhere not listed above, is that legit? -No. If it's not us, or not listed above, it's not going to be covered by us. Sorry."

They also stated that there will never be a sale of their products, it would harm the prices outside of the sale times on their webpage a while back, i couldn't find that part right now.
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"So, here’s the deal: We don’t do deals."

..It's just pointless..

So is your ranting about it.
If you were genuinely enthusiastic about audio, then there is no such thing as "all the DAC/Amp you'll ever need".
Some people don't want to spend $500 for a DAC on a $200 pair of headphones
That’s not the point... and saying a $200 headphone is all you’ll ever need is presumptuous as well (especially if you’re referring to the HD6XX, K7XX or HE4XX, as all of them are $500 headphones in a retail market).

Assuming you’ll ever be complete and content with your gear is equivalent to admitting you don’t care about finding something better. Better doesn‘t have to be more expensive, but better does require different, which means you can’t have a single piece of gear forever. The pursuit of different, more, or your own “better” will drive you toward new things.

I completely agree with Jackula’s statement, and I’m far from the high end of things. I’m after a personal thing, not objective “best” through $$$ gear.
Added the newer Nfb 11.28 to the voting polls. Anyone who voted for the Nfb 11, I urge you to vote for the Nfb 11.28 instead. It is their newer Nfb 11 with many great upgrades and improvements at the same price!