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The list is not of mid-range IEMs... For IEMs, I'd consider up to $100 entry, up to $2-300 mid level.
Why are people posting $300+ IEMs? That's not mid-range. And why are some people posting the same thing multiple times?
You guys should check out the advance sound model 3. They're like $80, hi res, wired AND wireless and look cool
Ie 800 are hardly mid-fi imo. but there on list so my vote goes there. But i love my ie80 they live in my ears and my auto go to for everyday use.
What, exactly, do we mean by "mid-range"? The price tags on these vary wildly. Just curious about how we are determining the point of the consensus, that's all, before making a vote.
If it's Quality we're talking about, that's one thing... if it's Price, that's another, can be, ENTIRELY.
I have the IE80 and a pair of custom shelled Shures and I find the IE80 in my ears 90% of the time.
The one with the most votes get put on sale right?
Dita Answer Truth are my favorite mid tier. Runs great with my Onkyo DPX1a. Bought both from from Bic Camera in Shinjuku tokyo. Great clarity and not anemic bass.
I would add the Mee Audio Pinnacle P1 IEM to this list. I personally own them, and they are the best IEMs I've ever heard. I bought these at Yodabashi Akihabara in Tokyo (name a headphone and they carry it) where I was able to test every headphone and IEM I wanted to in the store, including all the ones in this list, and the Pinnacle P1 out performed them all. I originally went in set on a pair of Campfire Audio. My travel companion suggested the P1 and my mind was blown. I was using my Google Pixel paired with an Oppo HA-2 SE to demo all headphones.
Interesting fact, my P1 are my hardest to drive headphone I own, including my HD650. When paired with a good amp, the P1 are phenomenal.
Anyone looking for a really well built, excellent sound quality IEM, I can not recommend the Pinnacle P1 enough.
I bought these on massdrop ....the clear SE535 model in 2015. They came 2 days after the ship date and were in the factory sealed box.  They were inside the brown shipping box, thus double boxed like they should be. Inside the Shure packaging was a cool dark grey.....almost black, colored aluminum box with an awesome design. Far better than what Apple or other companies provide with hi-tech devices and surprised no one talks about how cool the aluminum box they come in is.  The aluminum box is great to sit around or keep long term.  They came perfect with zero issues.  The SE535s continue to perform wonderful with both my new iPhone 5SE (128GB) Microsoft 950XL (128GB).  I would have an iPhone 7, but I think the lack of a real headphone jack is just plain stupid.  When I plug the SE535s into the headphone output of my preamp at home......well it is unfair to compare, as any decent home audio preamp does wonders and makes an iPhone or any smartphone for that matter not worthy of these IEMs.  I have tried the Shure 846 IEMs for about double the price (friend loaned them to me for a week) and two other IEMs that were over $1,000......and one quickly gets to a point of diminishing returns with most anything more expensive than the SE535.  The newer Shure black foam IEM tips work as well as the Comply brand aftermarket ones, though people like the Comply......they are not really different than the Shure's. If you select IEM foam tips that fit slightly snug, you'll have great bass, but if you have loose fitting tips the bass will not be dramatic.  Again, incredible bass if you select the proper fitting foam tips for your ear's opening size.