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will this ever drop? :D
I have two KC60 keyboards. The first one works okay, including the programming. However, my second one appears to be defective. It registers no key presses and does not respond to the programming software. I have requested a refund.
Update: My first KC60 has a very loose-fitting mini-USB connector. I like the programmability feature, but it would appear that the KC60 has some quality control issues.
An Alps/Matias programmable would be great!
It would be good to have another drop for the KC60, perhaps with a barebones option and/or with keycaps that do not conflict with the LEDs. Expanded switch options would be nice, e.g., Matias and/or purple Zealios. In addition, although I finally got the programming to work, it would be good to have improved programming software that is more user friendly.
I'd also like to see a barebones kit!
Improved programmability and documentation would be a huge plus, I agree with the barebones option as well, but I disagree that they should expand the range of switches or customization for the KC60. I think the issues they had with the last drop made it evident that they took way too much on at once. If they increased the choices, it would only make their QC more difficult, and the drop could end up a giant mess.
Personally, I think they should find a way to get the real GH60, It seems to have more expansion options. If you look at the PCB of the Rev B version, it's an absolutely stunning board. The KC60 board doesn't have nearly as many options in terms of customization. It would probably be pretty difficult for them to make the GH60 happen, though I still think that it's worth voting for over the KC60.
(Also, sorry for responding to such an old post. I figured I'd just give my two cents for anybody looking at this poll today)
Would like to see something like the KC60 with purple Zealio options.
Is the GH60 even released yet? I mean I would totally vote for it, but I think the best you are going to do in terms of actual availability are chinese clones.