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Hope the 535 is the 535LTD. Significant difference.
Pretty sure anyone who has actually heard more than half of the options would NOT vote for SE535's.
Instead of the Nova, wouldn't the Orion Ck be a better choice ?
Guys, GR07 is close to neutral iem with budget price. Please check it out before voting.
So the $500 SE535 is mid-fi now, eh?
Not sure whether the world is changing, or audiophiles have their heads too far up their asses...
hahahahha same feeling. BTW i added gr07 latest edition. Thats more mid range to me.
SE535 is way too out dated, you can probably get it much cheaper than $500. As a owner of SE535 I don't understand why people is still going after it. It had some mixed reviews when it was first released and there are many awesome choices in this pool.
Yes! The Shure 535 with cable options, with/with out microphone.
iSine 10 drop!!! 🔟!!!
What about some b400 from brainwavz? No sense to vote higher priced IEMs, we got massdrop plus at 300$
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