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Any thoughts on making this in an XDA profile instead of DSA? there are many DSA sets out there right now but really no options like this for XDA.
Love it! Make it happen, MD!
Could add a ergo kit?
Man, I'd still really love to see this happen. Who's with me?
I need to play Earthbound again. I forgot the color schemes..
Any news?
@glenmael did you actually have to name it earf would they have actually been stingy enough to copyright you?
Man I'd love this set in sculped SA form...Beautiful colorway!
who did this render? it doesnt look like DSA at all. Looks like DCS or a more rounded G20 with added height. Cool colors though
Any updates on this? I really hope this is gonna happen...
This set is beautiful. It would be great if you would also do a SA set in addition to the DSA set.
Can't wait for this to happen!
How are these not already for sale? This is gorgeous.
Thanks mate :)
I don't see the difference in the choices :S
That's the beauty of democracy!
Definitely interested in this, but would like to see what it actually looks like on a board.
Looks interesting, but I would need to see an actual version before buying because I'm not sure if the modifiers are too dark for me.
Love the colors! This set looks like a blend of Hyperfuse and Penumbra mods.
Please make sure this has ISO
200!! We made it! Now make it happen :D
I'm waiting for the email fairies :)
And now over 1000... hoping this will drop soon, surely it has enough support?
posted on r/mk to get it some love.
Do SA.
nah, SA overload lately, its nice to see something different
I've collect all kind of key set, except OEM profile and some SA keyset like 1976, carbon.
I haven't missed any DSA key set, but I never use.
I love JT, GMK, SA with steps, DSA beautiful.
Overload? Whatever, I'm collector so I want both of them.
I don't mean 'don't do dsa', I just want to collect both.
a) DSA. Thank you. b) what a great contrast on the modifiers. 90% of keycap sets seem to have a darker colour on the modifiers, and this really makes it unique. c) Colour choices just awesome.
I would be in on this 100%.
Oh boy I'm really excited! Make it happen! : )
Cannot wait to see this come to life!
:) <3