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No love for the SMSL M6? Scary. I just ordered it 🤔
I bought the Massdrop O2/ODAC when it was first made available. Best freaking thing ever! The IO/power/interface layout is optimal compared to other manufacturers of the O2/ODAC.
Added the JDS element, Sleek and sexy capable of powering headphones like the hd600 no problem, plus can act as an easily switchable line out for speakers, a great feeling knob. Granted it is usb class one which some might view as lacking but I like its plug and play nature.
Added the NFB 11.28. It will literally power any pair of headphones you'll ever own (short of the 1kohm stax sets).
USB with a proper dac and amp for the price they charge is great. They just get no love on this site. They make Schiit's stuff look like garbage for the same money. They just don't look like transformers like the rest of the Dac/Amps in this poll.
Very belatedly, I added the iFi micro iDSD Black Label edition, which I'd love to see on Massdrop for the price at which it's offered during Adorama sales -- mostly because those sales tend to be over by the time you become aware of their existence.
FWIW, AMP is not an acronym. It's an abbreviation for amplifier. You don't need to put it all in caps.
Please check out the JDS Labs site for a discussion on what went into the design of the Objective2/DAC. Their goal is to have the device effect the data passing through the device as little as possible and it has been designed to achieve that goal. If you have quality headphones, then you are going to want the device amplifying your signal to not color that signal, and based on the principles espoused by JDS Labs, I am confident that they have achieved that goal. The only headphone amp/DAC that I am considering purchasing is the Objective2/DAC, and if I don't get it here, I will resign myself to paying more to get it from JDS. For my music, I use Grado RS1i headphones, with my FLAC files on a Mac Pro 5,1.