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its interesting that the black version has the lowest ms latency... either way isnt it time for a ps4 xbone stick
I own the Q4 Black. It's ridiculously nice. Now if only I could work on being less of a scrub...
Hey everyone, things are still a little slow moving with the holidays and conventions going on in January, but we wanted to update you to let you know that we are still working on reaching out to Qanba. Thank you for all of your patience and we will let you know as soon as we have more info about this product.
Sorry again. This has been a slow rolling stone. We currently still don't have any good sources for the Qanba to offer you guys a good deal, but it's something we all really want to get a hold of so we're going to keep trying. Hopefully I can come back with better news in the future.

Thanks everyone.
Lets just hope, some day, they'll arrive...
Hey guys, any news on the situation?
Hey guys,

Sorry for the huge delay on an update. We contacted Qanba in Japan, but they referred us to Qanba US so we are currently looking into that as well as any alternatives.

We'll continue attempting to work with Qanba, but if you want to suggest a non-Qanba/Eightarc stick and/or move your vote we can also try to work on that as well.

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Hey laspanditas, We play a lot of phone tag with distributors and manufacturers sometimes and that's just where we got directed to first.
Fair enough, that sounds like something that would happen when trying to contact a business.
I was really hoping I could get a new stick at a reduced price.
Any updates on the situation?
My guess is its dead... kinda sucks considering we got 400+ votes... I could understand if Massdrop pushed for it and Qanba said no, but that doesn't sound like the case based on the above emails.
Bump, another reply from massdrop.

Hi Benny,

I have forwarded the information regarding the poll to our buying team. They will be looking into it but at the moment nothing is set in stone and Ryne had been leading the project and was the point of contact with a possible source. I'm really sorry for any inconvenience- we will still try and see if we can make the drop happen but again nothing is certain!

Best regards,

Henry Vu

"Hi Benny,

Ryne from Massdrop had been working on getting this product sourced to be dropped on our site, but he has since left the company! I'll ask the buying team to see if there is anyone currently continuing this project- but I am not sure if he really passed it along. I'll get back to you when I have some more information.

Best regards,

Henry Vu"

i also emailed Massdrop. this was their reply.
I just emailed Massdrop asking for some feedback. Will keep you all posted if I get a response.
Its now mid August and Qanba has everything back in stock - is this deal dead now that interest has waned and EVO is over? Andy or Ryne please confirm.
So is the massdrop for the Qanba Sticks dead? Qanba have also restocked their inventory recently.There has been 0 updates on this for over a month.
Yeah, the least Massdrop could do is to confirm one way or the other.
I did pick up another PS3 stick during the EVO sale, but I'm still interested in a universal PS3/X360/PC Stick. I too am interested in an update.
It looks like the sticks are in stock on their website now. Any news on the massdrop?