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The only true cherry keyboard here is the CM Storm quickfire rapid... soo...
Yea, they are Kalih switches, but Kalih switches are practically Cherry MX keys
I own the Black Widow Ultimate 2013 edition with Cherry MX Blues and it is a fantastic keyboard. That being said I have used the new version with Kailh switches and the quality/experience is not up to par with Cherry switches. It makes me a little disappointed in Razer to see them do this, especially since they are charging the same price now as when they had Cherry switches on their boards.
Rosewill RK-9000's are $70 on Amazon right now, only 2 left.
Would prefer the stealth blackwidow tournament
Aren't both Razer and AULA switches just Kailh switches?
Razer is definitely using Kailh switches, but the AULA boards may be using some other non-cherry switch.
Just FYI, the Rosewell keyboard apparently uses ALPS switches and not Cherry MX switches, the Razer uses proprietary/Razer-specific switches, and the other uses AULA switches.