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Hey everyone! The CM Storm Cherry MX Switch tester is available now!
Thanks for voting, I hope you enjoy these -
Lol, why are people voting fore the CM when the Max has 2 more switches and O-Rings?
Well... They are stupid...
1745 votes... this should really happen. I'm rooting for the Max or the Qwer8!
HOLY COW i want that qwer key 8 switch tester with pcb SO BAD ^_^ my body is ready.
That Qwer8 looks awesome, way better than the CoolerMaster one, unfortunately, I'n not sure whether Qwer make them anymore.
They should add Matias ALPS
This is so awesome, when did switch samplers even become readily available from so many companies? I could swear that a few years ago, when I was trying to figure out what switch I preferred, such things did not exist.
THE MAX one has o rings vote that
QWER 8 has all switches people can actually get (unmodded). It's so much better. Please go with that one! T_T
This still going on?
Uh, just a heads up for people, we have a few of these left in the bazaar.. get them while they last.
How would I get it?
It's not available anymore, sold out.
Is one of these better for hacking i.e. has someone got a PCB for any of these? I don't really care about the kind or number of switches but if I could add some utility that would be neat.
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a fully programmable pcb ?
Awesome! Can't wait for that.
Why are people voting for 6 keys over 8...
Thanks everyone! We hit 200 votes in under 10 hours!
i would like a qwer8 key switch tester ^_^