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Can we get a upate?
Can we please not do Noctua, the king of ugly fans? Besides, Phanteks has beat them with a quieter fan anyways.....
so when will we be able to order?
Hi all, thanks for coming out to vote. We’re going to reach out to the Noctua item in this poll and hopefully we’ll be able to get something going. Have a good one.
it's been months since.
any luck?
I've only tried the Gentle Typhoons, Cougar Vortex, and the Enermax TB Silence fans so I'm also recommending the TB Silence for those who don't want LEDs.
1080 isn't even in doubt. A lot of people, including me, buy these things by the dozen.
I have a Noctura NH-L12 and I ultimately went with a Gentle Typhoon 1850 RPM fan in favor of the included NF-F12. In my opinon, the NF-F12 is gussied up to whereas the Gentle Typhoon is an unassuming workhorse. With a fan speed controller, the 1850 RPM Gentle Typhoon can be close to inaudible, and even at maximum RPM, the whir isn't buzzy or annoying ~ it sounds like rushing air.
Noctua fans are great. I've personally installed at least 200 of them (no, I am not lying). But I've also wanted to experiment with Gentle Typhoons. They're pretty legendary from what I hear, sold originally by Scythe before their American store went bankrupt (they still have the original Japanese manufacturer around somewhere). Hopefully these drop and we can all experience the gentleness.
Please do a drop of either of the two NF-F12s or the eLoops, with shipping to Canada. I am SO down for these.
Noctua pl0x so much want
Would be great if Noctua offered their Redux series fans for this drop.
Does anyone know if gentle typhoons could be ordered from nidec for this.
minimum order of 1080 for nidec North America, or minimum 5000 pieces for nidec international.
If it's $12 a fan, and advertised all over the various tech forums, I feel like 1,080 fans is doable. It's only 360 people if people buy 3 fans each.