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Now Available!

Thanks to Chompish for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Corsair RGB Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Mat drop available.

KunalMassdrop Buyer

Corsair RGB Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Mat

Corsair RGB Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Mat

Hit 1.2k votes last week Still no news on drop ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
K70 RGB MX Blues are discontinued. Corsair recently announced it.
Any idea if these are going to be selling on here?
Does anyone know when the browns will be available? They are all out of stock even reds and blues. I NEED IT! But seriously, whats going on?
Any idea when this is going to drop?
PLEASE GET THESE IN BROWNS. I really want these for Christmas, but can't justify paying 170 for it. This would be awesome!
Blue FTW
Note that the razer chroma doesnt actually use Cherry MX but their custom made Razer Green switches
I'd really like to see the K65 RGB show up on here. I won't pay full price for one, and I'd prefer they had any tactile switch (blue or brown) instead of just red, but for sub 100 I'd get in on the drop.
The blue's are nearly impossible to find right now sadly, yet browns and reds are in stock at most places :/
Blue's are short because of manufacturing issues. Many consumers have complained about the blues not feeling right, or feeling like browns, no clicky sound, etc etc. Shortly after, no more blues were shipped. Dunno if it's corsair, or Cherry messing it up, but that's essentially is what's going on.