How Do Polls Work?

Vote for your favorite products in an existing poll or create a new one. We’ll make the most popular products available on the site in limited-time events called “drops.”

Love to see Kaffe fasset collection of material
HI Dmc3836,
Creating polls is done under the VOTE tab at the top of the massdrop website. Below is the link to help get you started.
I would like to see digitizing software like pallet
We need a lot more choices on the I anything to do with quilting/sewing
Pleased feel free to create a new poll or add options to an existing one. We'd love to see your ideas.
How do we see up my own poll?i only now of pallet don't know the names of other sofwere that is out there. So I need help
How current is this?
Hi everyone! Thanks for all the votes. We're still working on sourcing these fabrics for you.
What's the deal with Dear Stella??? Is it organic fabric? Who makes it?
Hi Everyone- I'm happy to announce that we have resumed discussions with Dear Stella, and might be able to list some of their lines soon. Stay tuned for updates!
Sarah Can we get some action on this before it's sold out please!
Sorry, @blueturtle19, but we are unable to reach an agreement with manufacturer at this time.
Hi Elizlennon! We're working on it. Stayed tuned in the very near future. We also welcome any suggestions you have for fabric you want to see. Feel free to create a poll!
More fabrics, please!