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This shold happen.
Can we get some 1.25" 1.5" Filco ANSI mounting plates for the switches with them as well? Since those are nearly impossible to find, and because they(Phantom PCBs) are required to build the keyboards.
I'd love to hop on one of the 60% ones if there was one that was able to be used with LED backlighting. Unfortunately, none of the popular ones are.
If we get a drop for the GH60 rev C then I'll take 2.
Do NOT run this GB off the GH60 revB, wait for the original GB on to finish and use the revC version with all the fixes when it's available.
Do you think there might be a change that the RevC version will come out by the end of 2014?
The original GB is due to be shipped during Q1 2015 according to the people running it.
There are in fact GH60 clones on Taobao, but obviously a massdrop group buy would be preferred for better legitimacy. I ordered one, so hopefully it will be a better alternative to the inexcusably long and rare gh60 group buys.
The GH60 clone of the ver.2 PCB says "Satan intention to do."
Funny stuff...
Could also look into the RS60 (Red Scarf II 60% PCB).
In case you don't know yet, there are clones of all of these boards from
I doubt it. Could you show us 40% Chinese keyboards for sale?
4 more votes! Gotta get more people to see this.
Would be really good!
YES! These are so hard to find!