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Thanks to Micahdman for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the MSI Apache GE72VR Pro Series Gaming Laptop drop available.

BrianMassdrop Buyer

MSI Apache GE72VR Pro Series Gaming Laptop

MSI Apache GE72VR Pro Series Gaming Laptop

I go mac then msi I am a youtuber so both would be useful
Margins are so razor thin on hardware like this, there is no room for it to drop anywhere. It doesn't take more than a little logic to realize apple would never allow their products anywhere near this site.
Go check out the Phone Central poll for smartphones at lower costs!
I doubt we see any laptops here. Not a lot of markup on laptops in the first place.
Ew. People shouldn't buy macs.
Which Macbook edition is this?
The problem with the MacBook choice is it will never happen.
i really want the new macbook
if the e550 makes it the model should definitely have the fhd 1080p screen. Anything less is not worth it.
don't vote for the macbook
I am sure the people at Massdrop are trained to not only contact manufacturer but also vendors who has overstock of product in order to get deeper discounts.
Zelgiusthebrave, there is many reasons why people choose MacBook Pro over laptop with windows. Not everyone games, and if I was buying a pc for gaming it wouldn't be a laptop. Desktop is much better for this and have more custom option. I myself need a MacBook Pro for music production since my other Mac is now outdated and MacBook Pro is superior in every way to PC when it comes to working with music. Just something to keep in mind before you say that a windows PC is the best option, there really is no best. It's just preference
I agree with this.
I will do it
The MacBook drop won't happen. Vote for the XPS 13, it's a great laptop.
We aren't going to see any drops on laptops. There isn't all that much margin on these per unit so they can't drop the price that far.
MacBook....? Really...? There are so many better laptops out there for gaming and workstations. If I wasn't on my phone Id add the ASUS G751. It's supposed to be a gaming laptop but with a Quad Core i7 and 970m or 980m it can be a workstation too. It even has Thunderbolt and the screen is a 17 inch IPS panel.
Here is a little guide to Thinkpads, if someone is interested :
pixel plsss
Have you guys seen the new macbook? who the hell cares about the MBP with the new macbook coming out?
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Useless for what? What are you gonna use a mac for anyway? facebook and music/video.
You're thinking about the new Retina MacBook. This is the Retina MacBook Pro. It has a SD slot, HDMI port, 2 USB 3.0 ports, 2 Thunderbolt 2 ports, audio in/out port, and a charging connector; and it runs on a 2.2GHz quad-core Intel Core i7. Unless you are referring to Retina MacBook which wasn't really voted for ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Apple will give us 1% discount when we hit 500+ units. And then we'll get a massive shipping and handling cost. :^)
probably apple will never give discounts
Apple will never partner with Massdrop. They're too stingy.