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Whaaaat? I followed this poll till the end. The Steinhart Ocean One was FAR above with 1270+ votes and it ends to... that? This drop is a shame.
What does everyone think of the Helson Skindiver? A beautiful watch and appropriately priced for MD.
Sekio SRP777 is the best 👍🏻
steinhart ocean one black looks great!! Need as MD for it please :)
Steinhart Ocean One Bronze would be a nice watch to Mass Drop :)
I would love that!
No Tempest Viking?
Um...hell yes.
Submariner 16613 two tone gold ideally with the later band with the gold across the clasp. The newer version, 116613 with it's broad shoulders misses the mark. Trying to be a big douchey watch, but doesn't need to, because it's a Rolex.
No love for Citizen Grand Touring Sport (Signature Collection)? Pretty good 9012 movement, 300m WR, sapphire crystal, looks like a quality timepiece, semi-decently priced, no? Just added it to the Mens Dive Watches category, I think I also put it under another category previously.
Seeing as alot of us apparently already have the steinhart and the skx... Can we get a drop or anogher poll to pick a Borealis watch?
they will overrule and poll and give us a victorinox.
Is this drop ever going to happen?
Been looking to buy the Orient Ray II in blue. Seems like it's out of stock in a lot of places with new stock arriving in October. Hope MD can offer drop of this watch soon. Prices for the few left on Amazon seem inflated.
I really like the winner here, the problem is that I already have an Ocean 1! Last November I picked up the vintage military version. I absolutely love the thing, but it also makes this drop useless to me. The folks joining the drop are in for one of the best divers ever made- I'm glad it worked out for them.
I've been trying to get my hands on a Squale 1545 Classic in black with cyclops and due to the limited runs, I figure Massdrop was the perfect way to get one. 9 of us voted for it, that might be enough to have Squale make some! Is it possible to set up a drop even though the design didn't win?
I actually have the green Squale no cyclops, and it is a great watch. I am wearing it now. I really want the Steinhart MARINE CHRONOMETER 44, arabic. I love marine watches, especially with exhibition casebacks. I also think Steinhart has the best decorated movements for any watch under $1,000.

I would have been down for the Steinhart GMT (I wish they did a batman!), or perhaps the Ocean Titanium, but I feel like the Steinhart Ocean 1 is too similar to the Squale. Then again, if the price is right I might buy it anyway. I got a 30% off coupon for a strap website and ended up spending $300 (alligators are never on sale). Watch disease is a terrible thing.
just added steinhart titanium 500. i like the blue superluminova
There are not enough watches free of date windows.
Even though I own one already, I added the Armida A9 500M Black No Date to share what I think is a really great option for a solid, affordable, dive-rated Milsub-homage that's still 40mm or smaller. (For instance, I like the Steinhart, but it was too big at 42mm for my wrists).
The Orient Mako/Ray pictures are all messed up...
All Orient pictures suck. So many watch companies have glorious photos and the watches disappoint. Orient is the only watch company where the watches look like crap in advertisements then you unpack them and they are gorgeous.