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Although the Park Avenue is considered the business uniform standard, they look outdated and stodgy. The welt is so wide that it looks like a moat around the shoe when you look down on it. Also, $400 for an open-channeled stitch is just overpriced. I have 2 pairs of Park Avs, brown and black, but I only wear them when I think it is expected of me, such as in front of a jury. Most of the time, I much prefer Carmina, Meermin, and especially Enzo Bonafe. I also like Barker handcrafted grade and Crockett and Jones. CJ has better leather than AE, but they are overpriced. Vass and Enzo Bonafé are truly high end shoes for a fair price. They are more expensive than the others, but the push the Lobb, Green, and Gaziano quality for much less.
Would love to see a drop of Allen Edmonds Park Avenue. Consistently, the best quality and fit of any shoe. Anywhere. (Fifth Ave also great)
Any information on the carminas ? Carminas are an excellent repute shoe and those lasts are so much more modern and younger looking than Allen Edmonds
I have a couple pair of Meermins. They are pretty amazing. You will be hard pressed to find better quality than they provide at this price point.
I'd like to see if we can get vass on here. Hand welted over goodyear is a true hand made quality shoe.
Lets get magannis!!
hahaha good one!

hello guys, im new to this site, when do we find out which shoes gets the discount?
No love for Church's Grafton?
C&J is the obvious choice. 5th avenues are already cheap.
agreed! That tan color is in a league of its own - hands down the best looking last of the bunch. I'm a fan of the J. Fitzpatricks too.
C&J please. Bonds choice.
I voted for the AE's for the simple fact they are Made in the USA. Some shoes may look better, wear better, last longer, but I only buy items made in the country I live.
Sarcasm? Because AE's uppers are done in the Dominican Republic.
AEs quality has severely diminished since the new ownership though.
I'm in for the Alfred Sargent Armfield's. As Komarith says, these are a great value, even at full price. With a Massdrop discount, these things would be hall of fame value.

Having said that, I would love a Massdrop on the Allen Edmonds Strands, but in brown shell cordovan. Is there a way for me to "suggest" this and have it included in the voting?
I have the AS Armfields and love them. Great value.

You can certainly add more options to the poll, but I'll warn you now that working with AE is not feasible, even more so when it comes to shell cordovan :(
Do any of these have the chance to be offered in wide widths given that they are sometimes/usually made to order? If they had the option for EEE width I would certainly join...
I'm also a EEE and I have several pair of Allen Edmonds I love.