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Thanks to Pure_Diamond for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Mionix Castor RGB Ergonomic Optical Gaming Mouse drop available.

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Mionix Castor RGB Ergonomic Optical Gaming Mouse

Mionix Castor RGB Ergonomic Optical Gaming Mouse

mx caster!
How did the vengeance m65 get chosen over the mx master ?
Ooo its gonna be a close one!
I have the mx master, and anyone who says you cant use it for gaming is lying. I use it for csgo, battlefield 4 and some more casual games and its awesome. The thing feels awesome too.
hope they dont charge more for shipping in india
Does Logitech even do Massdrops? I feel like they might not be interested.. Should I even wait for the G502 drop to happen?
So how long until the massdrop for the MX Master starts?
Logitech G502 when will I have you :(
I've had a Naga for four years. The braided cable it intact and none of the buttons are wearing off. I use it ~9-10 hours a day and would buy another if something happened to this one.
i considered buying the MX Master but opted to buy a real ergonomic mouse in the same price range. I bought the "Handshoemouse" . the fit and feel is out of this world. It really feels like you hand is on a soft pillow.. Only problem is the size , its like using your entire hand as a mouse (in my case this means a big mouse ). Second problem is i'm used to Logitch mice where the scrolling is perfect. The clicking is not perfect but ok but the scrolling wheel really feels like a cheap mouse..thank god i'm using a mac and a Leopold keyboard so i have room for a trackpad on the left foor fast scrolling..and to swipe really fast to the upper corner of my two screen work area...
Alas there is no beter option out there ..i heard that the MX Master is more gimmick than real economics.. Looks but questionable content..The handshoe mouse is the opposite no Looks questionable scrolling wheel..But great feel..
i only use Linux and mac-osx so i can map lots of actions to my keyboard..So that also helps.
Take care..
I currently own the m65 and other than the annoying sniper button (which i dont use even though i play a ton of BF4), the mouse is excellent. Perfect for palm/claw grippers, a super nice soft touch on the top and a sand paper kind of grip for the sides. The feet gliding across a surface is one of the best things I've ever felt and the weights you can add/remove to the bottom can give you a unique level of weight customization. Really wish i'd gone with the m45 though as the sniper button can get dirty quickly and it's just awkward.
Hey just a tip with the m65, if you don't use the "sniper button", you can remap it to a more useful function. I had remapped mine to the voice key, and found it to be super useful. Just go through the Corsair software included and map it to whatever key you'd like.
never thought of mapping it to the voice toggle! thanks!
Okay, so I'm not a huge fan of this poll because there are a lot of mice for different things. I own a few of these products/have some insight on the matter.
Logitech MX Master: I have this for work. This is honestly the best mouse for video editing, large spreadsheets, and travel. I seriously recommend this to professionals. It's my daily driver for everything but gaming. That being said, unlike most of the mice in this poll. It is terrible if you are considering it for a gaming mouse. It is wireless, automatically making it usually really shitty for gaming. It has mouse acceleration, a feature that most often people consider to be a negative in gaming (people will argue that some pros use it, but the fair majority do not). It is also a laser sensor, and while the sensor isn't everything for a mouse, this mouses sensor isn't meant to be used for gaming. It is purely a productivity mouse, and honestly it does a great job at that.
DeathAdder Chroma: I also have this mouse it's amazing. I'm not a Razer fan, I think most of their products are overpriced, have the obnoxious gamer aesthetic that I'm not really in to, and usually have lower build quality and performance. The DeathAdder line hasn't always been good, in fact it was actually pretty terrible until the 2013 version of the DeathAdder came out. The sensor doesn't suck now, in fact it's hella good, and there is to my knowledge no longer a problem with double clicking the mouse switches, as far as I know. The only real difference to the 2013 edition, the one many pros use, is the lighting. Now with Chroma you have the choice to switch the colors to match your rig, or have obnoxious lighting effects, completely up to you. The mouse isn't perfect though, the firmware usually blows, and requires updates from time to time.
G502: I've used the G502, it's sensor is amazing, literally the best on the market. The switches seemed good, didn't have a problem with them It's the most perfect of the perfect sensors. It's hella thin though, looks like a space ship, and heavy as shit for a mouse even without the weighted adjustments. Combine these together, and you have a pretty fatiguing mouse. It also has been known to be hard to drag slowly across a mouse pad because of the design of the feet. Not recommended for low sensitivity gamers. It also only has blue lighting, which hurts if you like color coordination with your case lighting and your other lights isn't blue. Great mouse, not for everyone.
Mionix Naos 7000: I've used this mouse. It's good. Solid sensor, good shape. RIGHT HAND only. I don't like the shape as much as the Naga, and sensor is about the same, not as good as the G502, but the again, nothing on the market is. There is rumored to be some smoothing with this mouse. This mouse also drops pretty frequently, so there will be plenty of chances to get this mouse if you want it.
Razer Naga: I have to give credit to Razer on this mouse. It's good for MMO's, lots of buttons for Macros. The sensor isn't that great though. Not recommended for FPS.
The bad:
Anything with the word Gaming and Wireless. Go wired, it's better. If you really want or need your mouse to be wireless, you will pay more and get less out of it, be aware.
M65: This mouse has a great shape, I've owned it. It has hardware acceleration, if you really like the shape of the mouse, get the m45. The sensor is less than perfect on both models though.
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I agree completely, I have such a problem with "gamer products" they tend to be of near equal, and in some cases lesser quality to their non-gamer counterparts.
Very interesting about the g502, I'm glad I didn't buy it. I had the same issues with the DPI switches. I have very large hands and I have a problem with such small mice. I'm also just not a fan of on the fly DPI. I believe that profiles are a much better way to manage mouse settings.
I don't personally find the sensor of the g500s to be up to snuff compared to much of the market, at least for FPS. Newegg has it for $85 if that helps you, I know it's still around $20-$30 over most mice, but it's better than $120. You can also throw a coupon on it, they tend to throw them out via email during holidays. Grey market, while very unreliable, may be a way to get your hands on a mouse at a more reasonable price. I know many people who are die hard intellimouse fans who do this.
I can't speak to the quality of many of the Logitech products, but I can say that I agree, their newest keyboard is got awful and overpriced. I find this is the case for most "gaming" mechanical keyboards. Most non-gaming keyboards have better build quality, and will often perform better. If you need the extra USB ports, macro keys, and dedicated media keys, you may want to consider one, but know you are sacrificing quality.
The Razer Deathadder does feel cheap as hell, it's made of a lightweight plastic. I see this as a positive though, as I prefer it's light weight over a heavier mouse. I would say it is a matter of preference, like most things when it comes to peripherals.
I agree. My friend has had the Naga for less than a year, and already the "premium braided cable" is ripping, the paint is sweating away from the side buttons and so on... I've been using my Performance MX for the best part of 3 years, and never had any problems with it. Been gaming with it too, imho it's better for that as well, less gimmicky, more functional. Will probably be getting a MX Master, if the price/shipping will get low enough.
wtf is this garbage collection? razer naga? cancerous chinese mouse? rat? corsair? ouroburos? this mice shouldnt even be considered, no serious gamer would use them. Only good mice with a perfect optical sensor should be considered
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Sorry to burst your bubble, but the Logitech MX is not so much for gaming. (Just to clarify since you said "If you are not a gamer you don't need any of these."
Not necessarily, it being Bluetooth or Wireless based may increase response lag, but the ergonomics and Darkfield laser would be nice to have in a gaming mouse.
So if I need to sacrifice 0.005 of a second response time, I'd take the MX over anything.
Plus, look at that thing. Hands down THE most gorgeous looking mouse on the market, next to the Spatha or M65.
i just want the MX Master, not gonna even bother voting for the other ones
That's kinda the point of this poll.
I feel yah xD and you're in luck it's winning my a MILE.
If it means anything , I've had Logitech mice all my life, no problems whatsoever, they build some of the best mice IMO. I've gone through 3 of them, no problems, no failures, excellent performance and comfort
The problem with a lot of Logitech mice is, eventually they succumb to the infamous double click issue. I guess static build up does something funky to the left mouse button and frequently if you do a single click, a double click is registered instead.
I'm not sure if it's a flaw with every wireless mouse they make, but a lot of their models tend to run into this issue. My 7-10 year old MX1000 Laser mouse has it, and I was reading reviews from a few owners of the newer MX Anywhere mouse who were saying they ran into it.
The only known fix is to disassemble the mouse, and discharge all of the static electricity.
I've had to warranty my G500 twice. First time for a double right click, second time for a double left click. Unfortunately they don't make the G500 anymore so they sent me a 502 instead, which is ok but a bit too small for my hand
How are any of these comparable?
Their all newly released products. And I didn't want there to be any contest.