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cool nzxt case now all we need is a graphics card
140 days, no response?
why does no one want either the Inwin 904, 904 plus or the 901 :(((((
I would love to see a Mercury S3 or a Ncase M1 on massdrop.. I can't wait to do a tidy m-ITX water cooled build.
What about the 900D it is a very big case and very good for watercooling check this vid to find out
when is the drop coming??
How long before this is a drop?
I have the Define R4, and it's the best case I've ever worked with. The R5 is a slight upgrade from it.
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Only thing I don't like about it is the obnoxiously bright blue led power/hd indicator light. I don't even attach it to my motherboard for that reason.
Oh yes, this is so true especially if it's in your bedroom and you run anything over night, mines heavily tinted.
The Graphite 760t looks amazing (to me) however it is just (a lot) more expensive than I am willing to spend on a case
so if the H440 is dropped can the colours be chosen or will it just be one colour?
I really hope you will be able to choose the color. The red/black one looks too nice.
Personally I like the design of the nzxt phantom 630.
i am surprised no one else added the core x9
No 750D
Come on people. Phanteks cases are amazing. The H440 is good, but the Luxe and Primo are so full of features.
Phanteks really is a premium brand that is very underrated. Better than any corsair or NZXT case that I've ever used, really.
They are good value, but I wouldn't call it premium.. premium is more like an M1 or a Caselabs case.
Hi all, thanks for coming out to vote. We're trying to figure out the logistics of shipping something this heavy, but hopefully we'll get something worked out soon. Have a good one.
Will this drop ever happen?
Is there any news on when we could have this drop