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Now Available!

Thanks to HEll for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the OnePlus X Smartphone drop available.

BrianMassdrop Buyer

OnePlus X Smartphone

OnePlus X Smartphone

Hey everyone!
Thanks for voting. I am going to be closing this poll because it is unlikely that we will be able to offer phones to the community. It is improbable that we would be able to get a price that is better than what you can find at existing online retailers. Thank you for voting and I'll make sure to continue sourcing other community identified products!
Massdrop can we get an update, please? The one plus one is at almost 2200 votes now.
Hey guyzz , im new here so i dont knw how it works ..?? Can some one help me out.. ??☺☺
I like the Samsung Galaxy S6, I would like you to send me free giveaway Samsung Galaxy S6, I need one.
Yours Sincerely, Lana Carter, C/O Dexter Bradshaw, Lot 3 Holders Hill, St . James Barbados West Indies.
SamSung Galaxy S2 +.
Yours Sincerely, Lana Carter, C/O Dexter Bradshaw Lot 3 Holders Hill, St .James Barbados, West Indies.
I voted for this on my Oneplus One :)
We have a lot of votes, but is it even possible for the OnePlus One to go any lower?
I don't think the OneplusOne will be any cheaper than it is... I was hoping to get the Huawei, which when unlocked is around $800+ having better specs than most if not all phones on the market rn
What about the v2.....
I'm new how will you get the iPhone6
Finally there are somebody talk about the Zenfone 2
I had high hopes for this place but the prices in general suck. Most items I can find for less... Which is a problem. If I can buy one item for less elsewhere then they are doing a horrible job here at getting the lowest possible price..
ZenFone2 is really the only option I want to see dropped, it's price plus the specifications it offers for said price is completely amazing.
How cheap will the I phone 5c get
zenfone 2 pls
Apple wont drop the price on the iphone 6. They strictly prevent vendors from putting a discount on products.
Come on, Massdrop! 1500 votes on the OnePlus One!!!
2026 and counting...white 16gb is completely sold out on their site but hey! the 64gb version is still available. then again, i hardly think OnePlus One has any incentive to sell to us at a discount :T
How cheap will the ihpone 6 actually go?
The iphone will never be in massdrop cause apple doesn't know the meaning of discount
You make an execellent point. Most retailers have a signed agreement with apple for their pricing structure, and have to get special discounts approved from them. Apple keeps an overbearing gaze on all of their products.
You will never get the one plus one in bulk. It is completely against their business model and they already sell the phone at a low margin.
are there some issue in Massdrop's server? I can't add an option
Anyone notice about the Letv Max or Letv Pro 2 or Pro 1? Higher performance of the S6 with "4" GB DDR4 and 810 but it is only half of the price of the S6. Also it has a much much much larger screen with a small body and highest body and screen ratio in the world
How long will it take to find out??
just started
iPhone 6
anyone got an iPhone 6?
Another OnePlus owner here! They're amazing.
Oh actually it is 4TIMES MORE than that
Are you sure the s6 edge is $199.99USD ONLY? The real price seems to be 3 times more than that
who put iphone 5s here? = = someone has already added iphone 6