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Now Available!

Thanks to ChEsHo for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Massdrop x MiTo SA Pulse Custom Keycap Set drop available.

YanboMassdrop Buyer

Massdrop x MiTo SA Pulse Custom Keycap Set

Massdrop x MiTo SA Pulse Custom Keycap Set

P.S. I voted for the Flatline set ( ) -- the vote choice with the Michael Jackson eating popcorn -- as I agree with it on principal. I think others here should vote the same way. MiTo, per my previous link, hasn't been genuine and has admitted to stealing other people's work and then pulling elitist withholding BS and pulling the artistic integrity card when people bitched.
I'll just leave this here.
Gotta love that drama, MiTo. Stay classy.
You can also check out Flatline, which will use BBJ in place of PuLSEs BBQ, now that SP has confirmed that colorways receive no protection.
Pulse round 2 has been announced:
Just a thought, but maybe someone could reach out to Mito and inform him that there is significant demand for a second edition and try to work something out from there? I'd do it myself but I'm unprepared to handle any necessary logistics issues that might come up
He fully knows already.
Actually for any key sets, there is no single run, if u can sell enough sets, the SP will manufacture for u
FFS, the creator doesn't own Signature Plastics. I don't see why anyone would need his consent.
No, but he does own the intellectual property that was leased to SP to use, so you know, that's why he can say that.
What intellectual property would that be? The colorway itself isn't protected (color on useful articles, in this case). The text isn't legally protected and the novelty, being a basic shape, also doesn't fall under copyright protection (though could be potentially be trademarked if Mito was willing to spend the money on such).
In our case the color is part of the useful design; without it, we have no color differentiation for the text on the caps themselves.
As a reference, here's the bit from US copyright law talking about color on useful articles:
906.8 Functional and Useful Elements
The copyright law does not protect useful articles, utilitarian designs, or any functional portion of a pictorial, graphic, or sculptural work. However, the decorative ornamentation on a useful article may be registrable if it is separable from the functional aspects of that article. For example, a lamp is a considered a useful article, because it has an intrinsic utilitarian function, namely, to provide lighting. By contrast, a three-dimensional floral design affixed to the base of a lamp or a two-dimensional garden design painted on a lamp shade does not have a useful purpose. The U.S. Copyright Office may register those design elements if they are separable from the functional aspects of the lamp and if they are sufficiently original and creative. Fabrica, Inc. v. El Dorado Corp., 697 F.2d 890, 893 (9th Cir. 1983) (“if an article has any intrinsic utilitarian function, it can be denied copyright protection except to the extent that its artistic features can be identified separately and are capable of existing independently as a work of art”).
For a general discussion of the legal standard for evaluating useful articles, see Section 924.
Can we not just ditch the unique bits of the set and at least get the color scheme / shape in?
Matt3o was not the creator of the Pulse keyset, Mito was. He explicitly stated that there would only be a single run of Pulse from Signature Plastics. Another run will not happen without Mito's consent. This is a pointless poll.
Correct. This will never happen.
Rats. And here I was getting all worked up by the decisions and which to vote for...
Matt3o (the creator of the Pulse keyset) said that his keysets were single run only. I don't think this is likely to happen.
It just happened. A lot of controversy that it is getting a Round 2.