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Is there a model for UHF?
any of the wideband ones.
I agree. Look at the model comparison above people, the 3G combo can pretty much do it all, including wi-fi analysis.
why the hell would you choose the 915M, with a weird and tiny coverage of 910-920 mhz, instead of the 3G combo with wideband coverage from 15-2700 mhz? I don't get it
Yeah, I can't imagine a lot of people being these. I run audio for a D1 school athletic department and I use one of these units on game day for scanning for backup frequencies for the referee wireless microphone. Works great, but again, not sure how popular a drop like this would be.
Would these be useful for 2.4ghz spectrum analysis? I could use a tool to understand my WiFi operating environment.
any computing device with wifi and the right application can do this
spook bait.
Sir it is mostly usefull for everybody that has an interest (professional or hobby) in RF emitting equipement, like HAM Radio Operator and so on. It is indeed a technical item, but the audience is not that limited
Can someone educate me, what do people typically use/want this for? Seems like a pretty technical tool that few people would ever need.
it is for hobbyst and professionals. pretty useful in detect RF, like radio signal.