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Now Available!

Thanks to Wes_w for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the OnePlus X Smartphone drop available.

BrianMassdrop Buyer

OnePlus X Smartphone

OnePlus X Smartphone

Lol srry guys, I just bought my OPO
1+1? Interested in sharing some invites with the good folks of MassDrop?
+1 for the 1+1
Spiro is right... maybe we can get a smaller company, like Oppo to do one. However, Samsung and other big corporations make so much money they aren't interested in this at all.
Really? You guys really think Apple or Samsung would do a drop?
Especially the OnePlus ... You can't even buy one without an invite.
None of these cell phone polls are ever going to happen, ever.
it would be really cool for the nexus 5 to get a drop
I'm sorry, just... lol. The Blackphone feels like such snake oil to me. It sounds like something I'd like, too.
Too bad the 1+1 isn't more readily available - I have one, it's an awesome phone - especially for $350
how do you get the discount for the oppo?
Looks like the OnePlus is a no go - but I'd love to see the Nexus or Oppo because those are some really high quality phones and I don't think they've been contacted yet?
One plus one won't take us up on the offer, HTC or Nokia might however.
Might as well close this one cause this poll is getting too old.
The galaxy S5 is such a shitty phone compared to the others. It's mass appeal is extremely questionable.
Blackphone!? The encrypted, spy-resistant phone, I'd love to have this.
This isn't the first OnePlus One poll that has reached over 1000 votes, and I did close the last one because OnePlus wasn't interested.
I'm going to close this poll, but before I do I will send another ping out to OnePlus One and see if they are willing to reconsider!
Please close this poll. I've seen it up so many times whenever I go to vote, its actually getting in the way.
Shall we see any Massdrop action here? The poll votes has already crossed 1160.
The OnePlus MSRP is set at $299 for the 16GB model and $349 for the 64GB model, nothing as absurd as $1.
Yeah, of course nothing as "absurd" as $1, but that was exactly it. It wasn't absurd. They had an invite only event in China where 100 selected people could get it for $1. What did the event do? Make-up for the significant loss with the counterbalance of really cheap marketing because people wanted to get that phone for $1, and from which they would have to "know" about the phone to get the bonus. The insane specs for the price, even if you didn't get it for $1, would have made you want it for the MSRP you stated above. Look what their event did now, people KNOW about OnePlus One. They want it. They want it as a drop, and it reflects on the poll results. In truth, the $1 tactic was smart. I ask you which is better: A 100 phones for a dollar to make a tonne of people aware who will in turn make other people aware as well? compared to this: How much would ads cost? How much would social media managers cost? You see the cost-benefit analysis now? A few thousand dollars is cheap compared to paying for ads and services that might not pierce the customer into thinking he/she "NEEDS" the product. Hope I provided some insight here.
I'd love to see the Find 7 here, as for the OnePlus One. The invite only method is because they're selling it at a significant loss so it has to be calculated loss. It's great for increasing awareness/hype (to sensationalize) of the product since...who sells a phone for a dollar(correct me if I'm wrong memory's a little fuzzy) without a bundled plan. However, I've seen it in Chinese online shops (I'm not sure if it was taobao which roughly translates to "finding treasure" selling for the slightly less surreal price of $US 303.33 (converted 16Gb) or $US 449.7 for the 64Gb. Please do note that Google Play isn't available in China and that you might have to root your phone so as of now, it may not be for you should you have little knowledge of getting superuser access
Cant wait to hear the official reply lmao
the Blackphone looks interesting, who's networks are they actually able to piggyback thou?
Jolla or GeeksPhone might be willing to deal. The mega-manufacturers aren't going to get out of bed for less than a seven figure sale, with the possible exception of Motorola since nobody's buying theirs right now.
OnePlus isn't interested in doing this drop. It's been said in the past. That said, other manufacturers /might/, but you aren't going to see a Samsung Galaxy S5 or iPhone 5S or even a Moto X.
If any service could manage to get the OnePlus One for a group of people, it'd probably be Massdrop.
i really doubt we could get the OnePlus One on here, as it is an invitation only thing, but it would be pretty cool.