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Now Available!

Thanks to Starby for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Corsair RGB Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Mat drop available.

KunalMassdrop Buyer

Corsair RGB Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Mat

Corsair RGB Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Mat

Argh, added a tkl, but it's clear switches instead of brown. Still a great board.
People can't tell the difference between a 60%, full, and TKL? smh... I'm looking at you guys kohdwing, starby, and thequinox >.>
poker isn't tkl either....
somebody need to add leopold FC750R or race II
Added an actual TKL keyboard. It's probably too late to get any votes, but it's a great board.
what's with these non-TKL boards?
"The Logitech isn't TKL. :(" - Starby<br /><br />Agreed. If you want the Logitech start your own poll or add it to an appropriate, existing poll.<br /><br />If you're unsure what TKL means, it's an abbreviation of tenkeyless (meaning the numberpad).
The Logitech isn't TKL. :(