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1MORE Quad Driver IEMs

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Selling my quads if anyone is interested.
How much?
Hi, does anybody know if the cables can be removed from the earphones in case there is a problem?
The cables are not detachable.
I don't get it what is 1MORE has against international shipping!!! 🤔 as long as I remember non of their drops was ever internationally shipped, yet they sell the same IEM advertised here to you in amazon at double the price in my case (Australia) triple the price @ A$ 312.00 . Maybe this is how they recoup the money they lose as bulk discount to massdrop 😏
Agreed. Ship to Australia for goodness sake.
I got my pair actually from 1MORE, but I just wanted to say that these are one of my go to pairs of IEMs, and I collect IEMs! At a savings of $30.00 over Amazon, this is well worth buying.
Hey there, I'm a fan and have a few Sony BA earphones (XBA-40, XBA-A2, and a few more). I was wondering if anyone had a comparison. If these have a little more bass than the 40's and are a little brighter than the A2 that would be spectacular for me! haha
I owned both these and the triple driver. Very similar sound signatures, both quite 'v' shaped. The quad driver did have a bit more refinement and air over the triple and was a bit more balanced sounding from what I recall. I'd say it was an improvement, and this is a pretty good price (I bought my pair on Azon for $149). However, you can pick up a triple driver over there for $79. Not sure if these are worth almost double the price. Build quality on both was excellent. However, in the end I returned both. That v-shaped curve just got to me after a while.
I have the triple, I like the Sq and flavor. But I think the nozzle(?) diameter is a tad too big for me. My other iem fits better, but this one I really have to push in and I feel the pressure. I think this one has similar diameter
I think the nozzle is still big, take a look at the pictures here
Yup, they do look very similar, and I would not be surprised if they are the same. I barely use the triple because of this, at least not for longer sessions
Of course this is subjective but just a heads up to the people who are interested.
Probably the best IEMs money can buy!! They sound terrific.
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How they sound to you depends heavily on what you want to hear. If you want to hear a lot of punchy bass, natural-sounding monitors are not going to satisfy you (bass will be "weak"). If you, like me, prefer natural sound, clarity, detail and instrument separation, you may prefer SE846 instead.

Always try to listen to headphones before purchase, because how much you will like them will depend on your ears and your taste. Sound is extremely subjective.
I agree with that, I should have clarified, the 1 more are not audiophile IEMs but are super good sounding IEMs, the best sound short of being analytical. My go to headphones are the Monolith m1060c modded open back and my Beyerdynamic dt1990. Hands down.
Not a bad pair of IEMs. Energetic, but the treble sounds slightly artificial, bass is pretty satisfying, mids are kind of sucked out. Not my preferred tuning, but gets some things right.
My fav in-ears I have ever had and/or tested unbeatable in price/performance ratio IMO
Interesting. I've heard good things about the 1More Quad Driver and have been interested.

At this price I might of gone for it, but I just picked up an iBasso IT03 for $190 (literally two days ago) and I don't think these are quite on the same level. Besides I'm not really a fan of the Quad's design and non-removable cable.

This is a good price though for the Quad's. If not for my recent purchase is be considering these.
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TBH, and IMO, the sound quality doesn't warrant the expenditure. I could spend the same money for those improvements and get more pairs of iems that I prefer more.
That's also an option 👍