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3/21/18 Update: this quad driver + a Topping NX1s on high gain/reg bass = kick azz combo. This little amp kicks up the sonic bliss a full notch!!! For the past several days, I haven't had the urge to pull out my HD800/Woo WA22 and HE-6. Highly recommended...
Oh I missed this! What was the final price for the quads? Any ideas on wheb to expect another drop?
Just received mine today. Wow, I am extremely impressed with the packaging, build quality, and most importantly, the sound quality/tuning. I was about to purchase the SE846 again but this IEM will do just fine for now. 100% worth the $$$. Actually, I believe it's a bargain...
Well done 1More...Highly highly highly recommended.
I bought these 6 months ago on amazon, they definitely need at least 2-3 weeks full time burn in. They are so worth the wait. Mids are a little recessed, but bass, treble and soundstage is amazing! Imaging is good but not the greatesT. Do not buy these for gaming as they do not provide a good sense of 3d surround. They are somewhat revealing to music so a good dac and source can definitely male these sound better. They dont sound very good on my iphone 8 but they do sound better on my macbook or my receiver. Don’t hesitate to buy these and give them a good burn-in! The company service is crap, I sent them about 10 emails and they never replied,.
To save anyone the trouble if you want to watch the video, skip to 29:57.
Can we have different color like this one?

I have the triples. Is it worth it to upgrade to the quads?
I have upgraded myself from triple to this and I absolutely loved this for few reasons.
1. I find these are much more comfortable and erogonamics fits to my ears
2. The soundstage is definitely wider and much more improved than triple
3. Triple has too much treble , this are mellow, warm sound signature and amazing low end with rammed highs

but to get best out of this, you have to use with decent dac like I am using with iFi Micro DSD Black
Getting ready to pull the trigger on the quads, by chance has anyone who has these had the Sony MDR EX600 by chance? Curious if they're worth the upgrade.
Currently on SE215s, would this be a substantial improvement over it?
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I will accept both of your assessments on the se846. At the price point of the Quad Driver, it's a good value
Anticipated what will come out next from 1More.
Is there any plans in the future to get the quads with the lightning cable with the dac/amp like the triples?
I think $200 is a good price for them WITH that lightning cable as around last holidays the triples were like $70 and the quads were I believe only like $120 on that sale WITHOUT lightning cable which was a good price that had a lot of success and my gut tells me 1more is going to be coming out with new iems or atleast new versions sometime this year which I am very interested in. The guy on beginner audiophile podcast love the triples and quads as well as many people on amazon ūüĎć
I bought these last drop. Honestly, comparing them to their $30 pistons, i have a hard time justifying an additional $150 for the quads. Every time i go running, i pick these 50% of the time and the pistons the other 50%. Now i'm not sure if they need more 'burn in' and they certainly do provide a little more clarity than the pistons, but it doesn't sound good enough to justify the massive price difference. Now i have no idea what their FR curve is, my ears havn't been trained well enough for that...... But i'm still on the fence with these. I'd figure with 4 drivers, the bass would be a touch more extended and larger while providing clarity for days, but this is not the case.

Can anyone else share feedback? Do they need burn in?
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I can also confirm the quads need to burn in. I'm not even there yet (only about 10 hours music and 20 hours gaming) because as I said from the EDC3 discussion, I had to contend with large ear tips. The wide sound stage is really nice for iem's. I would not recommend these for gaming because personally I prefer a little bit wider sound stage for better stereo-3D positioning audio.
Have the Triple Drivers and used 1More's Burn-in app, in addition to regular use. It still sounds, eh, anemic, I guess? I don't know why these things are as hyped up as they are, let alone received THX certification (the reason I bought them). They sound average, but then at $99, it becomes painfully average. That being said, it comes with some great packaging and extras. Still, I don't feel great about spending the money on it.
on black friday amazon, anyone knows their lowest price?
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Thanks! Wow. So it could be worth waiting for another such future deal then.
Personally, I would never have bought the quads at $200 so that $120 also made me jump. $150 is still good but personally, I don't think the quads are $200 iem's. $150 is still good if you don't have any other IEM's around this price range and want smart phone control, Kevlar-sleeved cables, and good sound stage IEM's.
Can the cables be replaced ?
The cables cannot be replaced