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1MORE Triple Driver IEMs

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As a casual music listener, these IEMs are absolutely INCREDIBLE. I only used standard earbuds like the AKG ones packaged with my Galaxy Note 8 and these are 999% better, my goodness. Wow, I now understand the passion you serious audiophiles have. These are perfect as an introduction into the audiophile world.
Very bright, fyi.
Are these better than kinera h3
These were my first "good" IEMs. I purchased them a couple of years ago now, and they remain one of my favorites. Many reviews here and elsewhere reference their "V" shape, and that's an accurate description. These aren't neutral, balanced IEMs. You wouldn't want to use them as monitors and if you're an audiophile looking for accuracy, these aren't for you. That said, they are very good consumer oriented headphones - much better value than most of the "fashion" brands out there.

The bass is solid and stops just short of being "boomy". Clarity is good compared to many other V shaped headphones, and the high end rolls off smoothly so I don't find them shrill or fatiguing to listen to. If you've only used the headphones that come with a phone, or cheap ones you picked up in a supermarket checkout line, these are a great starting point to understand what high quality audio is like . At ~$75, this deal is not the best price ever, but it's a pretty good price for these - and we're a long way from Black Friday.

I have relatively large ear canals, so I don't have any problems with or comfort, but I will say that Comply foam tips (size 600, if you're looking for the right ones) are definitely an upgrade from the (numerous) tips that come in the package. The included tips just never quite got the seal I wanted. All in all, very enjoyable headphones that I've kept around longer than many others.
I got these from Costco a year or so ago, decent sounding headphones (def a V profile), but will echo what others have said: the nozzle is quite wide. Means they might fall out if you move around a lot, they might be a little uncomfortable if you have small ears, and I when I went to buy some aftermarket foam tips I had trouble locating ones in my favorite brand that would fit this large a size of nozzle. 7/10 IEMs in my opinion...if it weren't for the size/comfort issues, I'd give them 8.5/10.
I wish these could be shipped internationally
You're not missing out on anything.
I got these for about $65 and bought a bunch for friends and family. To summarize:

1. They have a V-shaped sound signature which is appropriate for on-the-go listening IMO. I use my HD-600's at home.
2. They become more neutral after the first 25 hours or so, but still maintain a "fun" sound profile.
3. I have rather small ear canals, and therefore only Etymotics and Shure will fit me for deep insertion. Therefore I consider these to be best used on your ear canals if that makes any sense. So they will not be good for working out or even brisk walking.
4. Due to the above fitment issues, noise isolation is better than with my iPhone ear buds but worse than my Etymotics.

With the above caveats, I still do enjoy and recommend them.
I picked up a pair of these about 2 months ago. They are decent. They definitely do have a bit of a v-shaped sound. In my opinion it doesn't reach excessive levels but they are not a neutral sounding pair of in-ears.
- A great set of accessories and tip options is included.
- Reasonably clear sound in this price range
- Solid build quality. Machined aluminum enclosures and a thick braided cable
- The only pair of earphones I know of that have a fully functioning 3-button control that works on iPhone AND on Android. I didn't think this existed until I got this pair.
- The "nozzle" houses the two BA drivers and is VERY wide. I have medium or slightly smaller than medium ears and they are uncomfortable and make my ear canal sore if used for an extended period of time.
- They are quite heavy. They weigh about as much as any two other pairs of in-ears I own.
- The Cable is non-removeable
- The 3.5mm cable uses a straight plug which I find inconvenient for putting my phone in my pocket.
If you are looking for a fun pair of in-ears in this price range ThinkSound ts03+mic would be similar but I find offer a little more clarity.
I love these things but I’ve ran into issues along the way. About every few months the depressurization hope gets clogged
wish it had gold color option. i would love to add it to my IEM collection.
The Nuforce EDC3 demolish this thing. Unless you like bloated bass, get the EDC3 instead.
I agree with this. You also get something more ergonomic, with 2 remove-able cables and better tuning. I'd say the Triple is more "fun" but the EDC3 is better from a technical and neutral standpoint.
This is Headfonics review of the Triple Driver IEMs:

I got a pair of these for around 80 from Cosco. I'm not an expert on sound but these are my favorite headphones I've ever owned. More of a v shaped sound, really crisp highs and lows. I listen to alot of instrumentals and I've been picking up background sounds/beats that I didn't notice with other headphones. Its been about 4 months and they're holding up great. The braided cord is really nice, there's a wide variety of sizes in both silicone and foam, packaging was super clean. Only complaint is that mic doesn't always work the best but that honestly may be an issue with my dongle (for my iphone 7) than with the headphones themselves

TLDR would recommend
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