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1MORE Triple-Driver Over-Ear Headphones

1MORE Triple-Driver Over-Ear Headphones

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I find the design on these to be very cool. The aluminum construction, seeing the driver from the outside is also pretty neat. Graphene driver cool, wondering if it's actually graphene or graphene coated. Seems like it's more on ear than over ear which is a downer.

I'll probably end up picking up these up secondhand.
This is a review that has me interested in these cans:


Would have gone with this 1 more triple driver at this price instead of a STAX L300 deal I just went in on.
I don't own these, but its on a list: ATH- m40x, specially in this setup:

But you could go with other tunnel pads. They are about $100 plus pading ($10-$50)
too bad i got into the HE4xx drop earlier this month, i like how this like. wallet hurting this month.
Debating between these and the Noble X wizards. Need something to take out to sea with me as taking Aeons just seems like a recipe for disaster. These will be driven by an ifi dsd bl nano. Listen EDM (trance, hardstyle and liquid dnb) and Jazz will also be watching anime. Any though on which I should get?
Would have been in for one if it was after Tyll's review. If it goes on the wall of fame, the next drop for these should be huge.
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Well here it is:

Well that was way more positive than I thought + wall of fame. Looks like I'll be getting these after my Ultrasone Signature DJ gets worn out.
Was about to get excited that the 1more triple hybrid IEM was dropping. Damn misread the email. These look... interesting. But not enough to spend $200. Would rather see the proven and well-regarded IEM version :|
1More quads are dropping, if you're interested.
I know there is an earlier version of these with Gold trim color on the hardware, I read somewhere that there is a different tuning to the two different color models, can anyone shed some light on that?
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Very dark. It doesn't even seem like there's a dedicated tweeter. Honestly though, they are a good deal at $200. $250 - no.
I agree $200 is probably the right price point for these...but I disagree they are dark...i find my Audioquest Nighthawks to be dark...i find my old Senn HD558 to be dark...these I dont.
1more sent me one for review last week and I dragged it to NY and all around can jam just to show it off. These are ASTONISHING cans for $250 and even more so for $200.

Also they are actually a 2 way active. They count the passive radiator as a "driver". The Ceramic Piezo Tweeter is just enough to make this sound very special. And since they have been tuning them for a year (saw at last years canjam) they are basically amazing.

and a 10k soft Crossover point for the tweeter means it is actually doing something.

Oh and the bass is incredible once you break it in for a few days.

oh and high-gain is recommended. Because inefficient crossover.
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I'd totally snatch a pair if it weren't for the fact that the wire is on the right side. Holy HELL, does my OCD kick in...
yeah it bothers me a lot, but after awhile you kind of forget it is there. i really love my pair for gaming and listening to edm while writing. they work pretty well for some metal and rock as long as the source is of good quality
Here's another review...
Voicing on the headphones done by the guy who mastered this grammy award winning music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rk2ODNfVeHM

Expect the headphones to play similar music best.

The idea of a 3 driver headphone is rather flawed though. The only other audiophile grade multi-driver over/on ear headphone I have listened to is the Final Audio Design Sonorous (previously Pandora Hope) product line.

The main issue is phasing around the crossover and the modulation distortion that is a result... even though that won't show in most AP measurement plots.

Having a balanced radiator in a headphone seems kind of useless... never seen a headphone driver with a Q over 0.7 before, and I seriously doubt that the LF driver can reach an suitable CX point to a balanced armature if it has a Q that would necessitate the passive radiator.

The only engineering reason there might be for the radiator is to avoid conflict with "prior art" or to establish some level of sufficient novelty from an intellectual property standpoint.
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Prolly not. I was just trying to give this design the benefit of the doubt and temper my dire predictions of the shortcomings. I'm hesitant to guarantee they're not well behaved since I haven't heard them.

Re: HPF details, I just guessed based on ZeosPantera's description a few comments up: "... and a 10k soft Crossover point for the tweeter".
I never believe in dual driver stuff. But if you make that second driver small enough and keep the crossover soft you can do amazing things. If you get a set to try report back. I'd love to know how they compare to your Final Audio's