ABS Top Shine-Through & Side-Print Keycap Setsearch

ABS Top Shine-Through & Side-Print Keycap Set

ABS Top Shine-Through & Side-Print Keycap Set

Where's the price?
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You think these will work with the Razer huntsman elite?
I hope it does.
I wish this came in ISO 105 key...
>abs And they were so close to being perfect.
Are these Cherry or OEM profile?
I think they're probably oem, but the profile pic does look quite low... I'm guessing it's because of the case though unfortunately...
Oh how I wish someone would make these key caps, but in WHITE!!! Am I the only one who owns and likes White RGB keyboards?
I don't know how you would achieve the same effect if they were white, at least for the legends. Closest thing I can think of are the blank DCS translucent caps, but I can't find them tinted white though you'd think it would be easy to do. Like these https://pimpmykeyboard.com/dcs-translucent-1-space-keys-sold-individually/
I have this set and love them, just be warned that it's likely the space bar doesn't have the shine through dots as pictured though they might have updated it since I got mine. KB is Varmilo VA68M


Gif of twinkles https://i.imgur.com/zbZtVjv.gifv
what kb is this? the effect looks awesome
I wonder how these would look on the CTRL or other RGB boards with PCB mounted lights.
Get this on your RGB if you want lots of reddit karma.
What's the keyboard used in the photos?
Pok3r RBG with these side printed caps plus NPKC Bamboo 60% case, not the best picture sorry
Top Shine-Through & Side-Print should just be standard on every backlit keyboard. Those pictures are gorgeous!
Hi, is this compatible with the Corsair K70 keyboard?
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The answer is always NO, Corsair uses a non standard bottom row.
I can confirm Corsair uses a unique bottom row sizing scheme. It's the only thing I don't love about my K95. Still I think these caps would look nice in the main alphabetic area at least...