Adata MicroSDXC UHS-II U3 Class 10 (275MB/s)search

Adata MicroSDXC UHS-II U3 Class 10 (275MB/s)

Adata MicroSDXC UHS-II U3 Class 10 (275MB/s)

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I'm looking to get a card for my Surface Book 2. Do you think this is overkill?

Many thanks.
Wondering the same here. I got the SanDisk Ultra 256GB microSDXC UHS-I, with the BaseQi microsd adapter for the Surface Book 2. At 100Mbps, too slow.
This drop is kind of blowing my mind...

This like the ONLY UHS-II Class 10 for sale on the internet at this storage amount... and it's at an absolutely insane discount. Let alone the microSD card which are pretty much non existent.

If this was not DIRECTLY from the manufacturer I would say its a scam!

Massdrop... THIS is such an amazing drop!

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if You’ve ever transferred 128+GB of data from or too a disk you would know 95 MB/s is way to slow.
Well, if I have 256gb sandisk A1 in my s9+ phone obviously I do transfer files quite often. I would agree that all pre A1 cards were slow but this A1 is way faster. Before getting the new A1 256gb card I had 200gb also made by sandisk and that one was slow. It all comes down to personal preference.
In for one 256gb micro SD. This is $100 less then Amazon.

The Amazon reviews tend to be five starts, or one/two stars. This is indicative of a seller that has a counterfeit problem on his hands. I'm comfortable Massdrop is either buying these directly, or from a reputable wholesaler. Definitely in for one.
Unfortunately, after a couple weeks of use, the SD adapter mine came with split apart at the seam. No obvious wear, no pressure on it while it was inserted. unsure why it split, but pressing it back together doesn’t appear to do anything.
2.9 of 5 stars on Amazon...
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I ended up joining the drop BTW...I wish I had a camera like that...
No idea why anyone would use this card in an android phone to begin with.
What's the expected read/write longevity of these microsd cards? I'm not expecting them to outlive my SSD drives, but how much data should I expect to be able to read/write before I need to think about replacing?
The internet says modern cards may have up to 100k write cycles, which sounds a bit exaggerated to me.
I know for fact however that in the old 8-32GB days, they had about 5k writes, so at a minimum you're looking at 625 TB written on a 128GB card before it starts dying (assuming the writes are spread equally).
Update after reviewing additional take-away:

Great price. I had a adata memory card in the past and no complaints.

Some reviews I found.. speeds as advertised when fresh/formatted, however degrades to about half equaling UHS-1 speeds found - which is what TheProfosist noticed with his below. Just reformat before requiring the fast speeds using the
Got mine today 3.31.18 in the mail. Lifetime warranty, 4K video writes at 155mbs with backwards compatibility. I'm satisfied.
Received my cards to day and the 128GB card will not run at UHS-II speeds. The 256GB will no longer run at UHS-II speeds but did initially. I have no idea if it is the cards or the adapters as nothing I have that is microSD UHS-Ii native can do a speed test and the only adapters I have are the ones I was sent. @Adata

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Actually its a v90 that means it will write at a mininum of 90mbs which looking at your tests its doing
Even a UHS-I card can hit V90 certification. A card should hit its rated specs which in this case are higher than its certified for. It also should mysteriously drop down to UHS-I from UHS-II speeds during use.
hope these live up to their numbers as they as like half the cost of the equivalent Lexar cards.
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yes you can still buy cards that have stock. SanDisk are similar if they have a card of that speed. Many ex-lexar people and some SanDisk people made Pro-Grade Digital (worst name ever IMO)
My other 128gb card is a Lexar, got this one for the 4k +100mbs speed.