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Saw these were up for another drop and decided to pull them out for another listen. Remains a very competitive offering in the reasonably small low-budget neutral-ish segment, even after being on the market for a couple years. Still has one of the better cables for the price too. Good stuff :)


Looks like the foam tips come pre-earwaxed with no up-charge--pretty cool.
These fell apart when i tried adjusting the right one in my ear. I was on a flight so i didnt bother keeping them to attempt a return. Pretty bummed out.
Edit: theyre sending me new headphones so all is forgiven.
Hey, please send an email out to I will put a word to our customer support team to see what we can do for you @stobbs
Well, great set of earbuds, but getting screwed for an extra $15 in custom charges to UK, sadly make this not a great deal for me.
dont think I’m gonna use or recomend Massdrop anymore, it’s the second time this has happened. i know it’s frowned upon, but just putting gift on the package would help.
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The Royal Mail in the UK impose an £8 handling fee for collecting any duty, even if considerably less than the amount due, as in this case, making it uneconomic to order items like this. It is pretty crap of Massdrop not to use a courier service with a lower handling fee.
Well said guys....yup, to,pay what I did in the end is crazy, but like I say, it’s the last thing I’ll buy on here. makes no sense, I will say, I buy many, many things from all over the world, and many do put gift, shame some don’t.
I would have seriously considered them if the shipping was reasonable, but costing $18.25 to ship to Australia ( where I live) for such a small item being over 50% of the unit price!!! Even before currency conversion is just plain ridiculous. I have purchased other items from massdrop which are considerably bigger than this IEM and the shipping was not nearly as much in comparison.
To get something shipped to here to Australia is always expensive on massdrop. It's really sad... ☹️
If you can be bothered, sign up for a postbox within the US. There are companies who do it, I'll have to look it up but, you give massdrop their address which usually is free shipping. And then they ship to you at a lower cost.
I did it a few years ago when I was buying heaps of stuff from Amazon. I would buy around 10 things per month, get it all shipped for free to the US post box I had set up, then they would combine all the items in one box and send to me for like $30. I saved a heap.
How is the bass on these ?
Why are these advertised saying Now $29.00 instead of $100?? These were never $100. You can buy them for $39 full price on advanced website. I hate false advertising.
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yeah but they are also more then loud enough on my pc lol.
These or the Magaosi BK50 ? Both drops around the same price.
That frequency response DOES NOT look like my cup of tea.
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That's what I thought. Especially considering that Schiit has an active presence on the forum and calls their product announcements "Schiit-storms".
You probably just got unlucky and some ultra refined audio snob couldn't handle the comedy. I bet they secretly hate Schiit because of the name lol.
Can you attach a different cable to make these Bluetooth
Love the M4's, I've had some since the Kickstarter a couple of years back. The cable does stiffen over time, and as other have noted the housing can separate but is easy to fix with glue. The clip falls off or breaks easily, which is too bad because the weight of the braided cable pulls pretty hard (that also makes these bad for exercising). I use the ball style Comply Comfort tips and it increases the sound isolation on the bus and fills out the low end in a more satisfying way.
I reviewed them here, they are very good for $29.99 but not so good for $100

$21 for shipping... I would have bought a pair if the shipping was cheaper.
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Which planet are they being shipped from that costs $21? This is fekking outrageous.
Shipping alone costs $15 to my country when using Shipito. Customs will be about the same amount. So, I'll pay around $60 in total for these if I decide to pick them up
I've had these about a year and they sound fantastic. Great highs and mids, solid lows, good bass. All around terrific sound for the price point. The accessories are fantastic with all the versatility the tips provide, and the carrying case is well built as well. The only glaring issue with these is the build quality. After half a year of repeated use, the aluminum driver housing loosened and eventually separated. This wasn't a huge issue though, as it was solved with just a little superglue. After another few months though, the mesh protecting the drivers came off. And was lost. These of course are issues that will inevitably show up with enough use of any device, this unit jus showed its scars a little earlier than most.
TLDR: Great sounding headphones at the price, just be prepared to use a little superglue.
The advanced m4s have a lot of hype surrounding them and it is for good reason. Now, I am not an audiophile by any means and I simply use these earbuds with my Nexus 6p and my PS4. Nothing special. I will leave my honest review of these earbuds and answer as many questions as I would have about these.
Sound The sound of these earbuds could be described as clear. I don't know anything about frequencies and what not but the music sounds clear. It is not warm and I don't think it muffles the highs or lows. You can hear everything. These are one of those earbuds that you can hear new instruments on. Music is very pure to say the least. One area that they "lack" in is bass. Now I use quotes because bass is very subjective. If you like to listen to some hype shit with lots of bass like Travis Scott and the like these are not for you. They have respectable base tbh. if you listen to a variety of music ranging from all genres, I would recommend these earbuds because they pretty much hit all the boxes.
Build Quality I think this is what really sets these earbuds apart. In a world of mediocre apple earpods and Skullcandy earbuds, the adv sound m4 are visually striking. The aluminum housing is very slim and attractive, but are very small. Smaller than expected in my experience. What really stands out is the braided cord. It's different and interesting and it catches people's eye. I have had people grab the cable just to feel it. These really do not tangle up as advertised. These earbuds are basically indestructible. The housing is very sturdy and I don't believe I could break them. It has an l shape connection with lots of plastic and those things that bend. Hasn't broken on me yet. On eartips I use the complys which provide a great seal. As far as the other tips go they seem to be made of a respectable material not cheap plastic. They have a lot variety. Like 4 sets I believe. The carrying case is pretty big though and I don't see my self using it since the earbuds are pretty cheap.
Conclusion The flaws of the m4 are non existent. There is nothing inherently wrong with these earbuds. They are good. They are above average. You will not be disappointed by the price you pay. Keep your expectations in check though. These are not God tier or anything like that. They are simply good. That is all they need to be.
Please feel free to ask questions on the product.
Very durable. I already managed to send them through a full wash and drying cycle with the laundry. No negative effect so far...
Received these yesterday. Before break-in, they were bassy and muffled. After a few hours of white noise, I tried them again and they were much clearer. Over the course of about 10 hours of music listening, they have become very clear and balanced. Bass is clear and detailed, while the high end is still pronounced and crisp. They happen to fit my ears wonderfully with the included foam tips and with the shape of the barrels. When using the included cable clip, microphonics are not an issue.
there is NO BASS while listening to these headphones. why the fuck did i spend money on these when they sound the same as any cheapo buds? dont believe the hype bs
I'd have to disagree, after about 2 hours of white noise break in and 10 hours of listening, I would say they have a great bass response. Not bass-forward, but very present in the bass guitar and you can hear the detail of a kick drum.
You might want to break them in for a while, and make sure to get them seated/sealed well deep in your ears.
after finding some tips that fit my ears, i am finally experiencing bass the way i envisioned. these are pretty decent actually!
Here's a bit of a disclaimer-note for all of you. While the drop says that the MSRP is $100.00, that's because Advanced's website lists these puppies at $99.99 (and "hacked the price down" to $40.00). While the price is artificially inflated, you're still getting 10% off the listed price on the manufacturer's website. AND they're fucking dope buds (sound quality, and physical feel.)
Just a point... I think you meant $10... not 10%. ;-)
I thought it was funny how MD list the MSRP as $100, then in the first sentence of the description say they are making waves in the under $50 category. Come on Massdrop, don’t try to piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining.
I probably wouldn't spend $100 on these, but for 30 bucks, they're a steal. The sound is clean and never distorted at reasonable levels, and they've held up through all my rough treatment with them. I'd definitely suggest them to just about anyone looking for really good, cheap buds.
I snagged a set of these off of Kickstarter last year, loved 'em, then some fucker stole them. I'm so happy to see these up here on Massdrop. They're unbelievably nice buds that actually stay in your ear (because the buds are memory foam).
One thing I'll caution you all on: clean your fucking ears, or these things will clean them for you.
Currently trying to figure out if I shoud grab these. Right now I am using my stock iPhone 6 headphones as my earbuds of choice. However the mic part broke, and I am now on the lookout for a dependable, affordable, and more than decent sounding earbud.
Can anyone provide feedback in regards to this setup and how it compares to the apple headphones?
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I originally got 'em from Kickstarter last year when they came out @ $40.00/pair . Shipping through Massdrop is like $3.50 or something.
Yeah the quality of the sound and the structure of the product. I have three headphones from Advanced and they are all pretty phenomenal for the price point. You can't go wrong.
Anyone got an opinion on these compared to the kinera currently on mass drop for 19.99?
So. Can someone tell me why the MSRP of these is rated at 100$. While in the description the person who is talking says that "these IEM's aren't the best IEM'S under a 50$ without a good reason" or something similar to that. He/she atleast mentions the 50 bucks part. That confuses me and makes me think that either the msrp isnt a 100 or the speaker isnt correct. Please someone explain.

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Massdrop bases their MSRP off of the original product released MSRP. These headphones were probably rated at $100 when initially released but later could be found at various retailers at under $50. *edited because Massdrop's web app has the worst autocorrect
Thanks. That makes me feel less willing to buy them because I feel like it just went from 70% off to 40% off. It just feels like less of a good deal. I wasnt sure whether id buy them because I am currently using the NuForce NE800M. (Also from Massdrop)
29$ for IEM and 21$ for ship... Very funny.
Probably USPS shipped directly from vendor instead of DHL from Massdrop which costs 5-10$.
The left earbud has stopped working. Does massdrop offer replacements?
Yes. Go to your transactions page.
Ive had these for a couple months now. I would suggest buying from Advanced's Website. You will be paying a couple bucks extra, but free shipping is included, and it is much less of a hassle since Advanced has your order records in case they need to be replaced under warranty. Oh, and it ships within a couple of days in the US. They sound pretty good, and I love the braided cable. However, my first pair broke while I was changing eartips. the aluminium housing fell apart. Good news is, Advanced sent me a new pair!
Yeah they are definitely decent. I got mine in 3 shipping days of placing the order. Good service. My only gripe is that they seem a bit slow especially that lower treble but otherwise very decent for price. At 30 bucks it is hard though to pass up, I'd buy a couple as gifts if I had extra money to be throwing around, but I've got to buy tv with hdr soon so.... there goes a couple grand.
Ok I got my pair in and time to give them a mini review guys.
First I'll talk about value and build:
These sound pretty good for a 40 dollar iem, but I wouldn't say they are worth more. The included accessories are nice though. I will say that they are packed very nicely and the presentation and unboxing is nice for such cheap iems. The braid on the cable is interesting but I'd prefer a soft-braided wire or a flat non-tangle wire instead. It has a very nice tactile feel to it, rubbery and just shy of feeling "too cheap." The housing is very light and almost feels a bit delicate, but sturdy enough. All the included tips are probably what you should use, and if you are putting other tips on that didn't come with these make sure they have a very tight fit snapping on or you lose some bass spectrum. Isolation is average to good with silicone tips, definitely good to great with comply tips. I however didn't like the comply tips on them, and instead preferred the large double-flange tips and medium silicone white or gray tips provided.
Now about sound (excuse text wall):
I don't know why people complain for a lack of bass, these held up fine for me across every genre. I mean they aren't bass cannons, not even close (a bit less bassy than the average iem) but that's not what I like (my favorite headphones are ad2000x/hd650). They seem pretty neutral overall bass through mids with maybe a tad bit of tizz in the upper frequencies. However it is the same lack of bass or mid accentuation that doesn't make them "fun." They just sound objectively flat to my ears with some treble air that turns to harshness at loud volume up top. At moderate to low volumes they are good to listen to, imo. I'd say they contend with other offerings by Sennheiser and Philips in the same price range. For example the Senn cx 1's and 2's are equally as good for 30-40 dollars. A bit less resolving but they have a more easygoing balance to them that makes them fun all-rounders (just slightly more midrange than these, and treble rolled off from becoming hot at louder volumes). With this though I guess you're getting a closer to monitor sound and a 1-button mic is nice too (think xbox,ps4 or phone). I still think I like my philips tx2's a tad more because they're just a bit more bassy and fun to listen to (similar build quality and also a 1 button mic) while retaining enough of the mids that I love so I can enjoy vocals. I think these will impress the audiophile from a technical perspective for price but there are more fun iems out there at this price range.
Notes: I didn't find much difference if at all between sources/amps used (Samsung s7, Grace m9xx, Lyr 2 [SS and tube mode]). Overall a good buy for the price, can't go too wrong unless you enjoy other sound signatures more. They aren't end-alls, though. Pull the trigger if you don't have any good iems, if you have ones you enjoy I doubt these will complete your life or make it better. They are nicely competent, though.
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Ears don't sweat. Your ear is probably irritated by the foam material and is having an allergic reaction.
I use the silicones on them though. It's real weird even after 30-40 minutes I'd pull them out of my ears and there's a bunch of water in them at the driver
These vs HiFiMAN RE-00, anybody?
Wondering the same thing.