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Saw these were up for another drop and decided to pull them out for another listen. Remains a very competitive offering in the reasonably small low-budget neutral-ish segment, even after being on the market for a couple years. Still has one of the better cables for the price too. Good stuff :)

Looks like the foam tips come pre-earwaxed with no up-charge--pretty cool.
These fell apart when i tried adjusting the right one in my ear. I was on a flight so i didnt bother keeping them to attempt a return. Pretty bummed out.

Edit: theyre sending me new headphones so all is forgiven.
Hey, please send an email out to I will put a word to our customer support team to see what we can do for you stobbs
Well, great set of earbuds, but getting screwed for an extra $15 in custom charges to UK, sadly make this not a great deal for me.

dont think I’m gonna use or recomend Massdrop anymore, it’s the second time this has happened.
i know it’s frowned upon, but just putting gift on the package would help.
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The Royal Mail in the UK impose an £8 handling fee for collecting any duty, even if considerably less than the amount due, as in this case, making it uneconomic to order items like this. It is pretty crap of Massdrop not to use a courier service with a lower handling fee.
Well said guys....yup, to,pay what I did in the end is crazy, but like I say, it’s the last thing I’ll buy on here.
makes no sense, I will say, I buy many, many things from all over the world, and many do put gift, shame some don’t.
I would have seriously considered them if the shipping was reasonable, but costing $18.25 to ship to Australia ( where I live) for such a small item being over 50% of the unit price!!! Even before currency conversion is just plain ridiculous.
I have purchased other items from massdrop which are considerably bigger than this IEM and the shipping was not nearly as much in comparison.
To get something shipped to here to Australia is always expensive on massdrop. It's really sad... ☹️
If you can be bothered, sign up for a postbox within the US. There are companies who do it, I'll have to look it up but, you give massdrop their address which usually is free shipping. And then they ship to you at a lower cost.

I did it a few years ago when I was buying heaps of stuff from Amazon. I would buy around 10 things per month, get it all shipped for free to the US post box I had set up, then they would combine all the items in one box and send to me for like $30. I saved a heap.
How is the bass on these ?
Why are these advertised saying Now $29.00 instead of $100?? These were never $100. You can buy them for $39 full price on advanced website. I hate false advertising.
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yeah but they are also more then loud enough on my pc lol.
Going to get one of these soon
These or the Magaosi BK50 ? Both drops around the same price.
That frequency response DOES NOT look like my cup of tea.
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That's what I thought. Especially considering that Schiit has an active presence on the forum and calls their product announcements "Schiit-storms".
You probably just got unlucky and some ultra refined audio snob couldn't handle the comedy. I bet they secretly hate Schiit because of the name lol.
Can you attach a different cable to make these Bluetooth
Love the M4's, I've had some since the Kickstarter a couple of years back. The cable does stiffen over time, and as other have noted the housing can separate but is easy to fix with glue. The clip falls off or breaks easily, which is too bad because the weight of the braided cable pulls pretty hard (that also makes these bad for exercising).
I use the ball style Comply Comfort tips and it increases the sound isolation on the bus and fills out the low end in a more satisfying way.