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Air True Wireless Headphones by Crazybaby

Air True Wireless Headphones by Crazybaby

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Received mine. Charged them completely. Cannot hold a charge for more than 45 minutes. Sound quality for music was decent. But making calls on these things is a waste of time. The person on the other end can barely hear you and the battery discharges faster. Complete waste of my money. I want my money back
Received mine. Charged them. Cannot hold a connection. Complete garbage. The only thing worse has been funding a similar item that simply took the money and shuttered without providing any product at all. Sham. Shameful sham.
Pretty sure these have better reviews and they are like the same thing:
Just to toss more fuel on the fire, I received a pair as a gift and sold them immediately on Ebay. Sound wasn't bad, better than my cheap-o Mpow bluetooth buds, but those actually stay connected. One, the other, or both of these would drop every 10-30 seconds, sometimes reconnect, sometimes not. Please don't waste your money.

Read the comments on this page if you continue to have doubts.
Do NOT buy this Chinese garbage. The Indiegogo campaign was a massive shitshow. It took them more than a year over the target to deliver, and the product is not functional. The only reason I still have mine is because it took them months to process a refund and I wound up just charging back instead. I haven't used them in months.

The sound is the only thing that is passable - bluetooth connection and battery life are both abysmal.

If you're in the market for some wireless headphones that you can use for 20 minutes at a time on a full charge while you sit still at your desk, this will be a great buy!
Judging by all of the glooming reviews I read here so far !!! massdrop should just save face and terminate this drop scam all together as I truly doubt that any one in their right mind would be crazy enough to risk pulling the trigger on this abomination.
Cheers for everyone’s contributions and heads up in saving me and everyone else here in making a huge mistake . . .
Having been silly enough to sign up to these via Kickstarter, I can strongly recommend that all concerned should stay the hell away from both the Product and the company.
The wireless performance is abysmal and the customer service is worse.
I had the same experience.
I would bet these have the same internals as the TWS ip010 that you can get from amazon or ebay for $30. I love my at that price but I would hate them at $120.00 there are plenty of reviews of them on youtube some under the branded name Peak but they are all the same branded or not.
I say AVOID these. My experience with Air was all bad. I funded them and after all the stalling, they offered me a refund in October. I asked for it and didn't hear back. So kept after them hard in December (I only could get through via e-mail - I think the customer service is in China, probably the whole company is there). When they finally agreed to refund me, I was told I would be charged a 10% refund fee for Paypal. I was beat down and just said fine. I got my refund two weeks ago.

I did see the air once at the Sound Balance? store in the Orlando airport in October. But I haven't actually used them because they never arrived. I would guess you are better off on Amazon trying any number of $50 air pod clones, or the Bragi's. I got the Syllable's - see Cnet Cheapskate this week.
The BT connection is really bad. The sound is good, not excellent. But the meanful problem is the charger. It indicates that the battery is full when is not true. We must charge the headphone every 20 minutes. I don´t know if it´s a battery problem. whatever, terrible for a new product that I´ve expected too much.
Connection drops all the time even while holding my phone in my hand. This is a product that cannot be used without losing your mental health.
What Crazybaby says about their customer service is a lie: there’s really no one there. I have tried to contact them countless times by email and by phone within a month now: nothing! Zero responses.
Go and do something else with your money but don’t buy Crazybaby Air!
what was the email address? I am also trying to contact them. please let me know. Thank you.
Do not buy. Ever. At all. I am affraid to say the company is a joke. Their support is terrible and the and they refuse to work with people for a refund or replacement.

PLEASE check out the "crazybaby air - support group" on Facebook before you make your decision.
Hey just want to give you guys a heads up that there is a typo with the crazybaby air on massdrop. The airs are water resistant with a rating of IP66 not waterproof IPX6 so keep that in mind before purchasing this. Here is the link to their website
IP66 and IPX6 are the same thing when talking about a product's water resistance because the second digit indicates the product's liquid ingress protection rating.
The first digit (6 or X or whatever) is an indication of the solid particle protection rating.

Not that it matters. These earphones are terrible and I'm sorry I backed them on Indiegogo.
Got mine from Kickstarter. And what everyone said about it is true. The connection is very bad.
I can only use it effectively while driving (because I'm in a close space and no other signal to interfere with the connection, I guess).

I would save the money to buy something off the shelf that has been tested before.
Do not buy, it's awful
everything came up short.
Customer service is non existence,
Bluetooth cuts out more often than it stayed connected.
The list goes on and on ....