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Adding a point to my short impression: music has an exceptional emotional quality to it. Especially with live vocal performances. Haven’t felt this way with my Jot or Taurus Mk2. Hence my first remark: Goosebumps!
Unit arrived in excellent shape. Still early but sounding mighty fine. Goosebumps already.
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Hey Buddy, how is Heron going on , i suppose it must have been used over above 100 hrs or initial burn-in. What r ur impressions now and comparison to jot :) !!!
It’s awesome. Loving it even more. Can‘t get over how 3 dimensional the soundstage is for Heron. Clean precise instrument separation front to back. The Jot feels like 2 dimensional in comparison.
airist says this comes with warranty and it ship from their ny warehouse
Only available in 220v? Talk about a FAIL! Says they're sold out of 110v model.
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You're telling me... I'd be in on this if I could get a 110v.
Same here. That kind of power for that price...
Good with planars, i asume? Mr speakers and such, how about higher ohm dymanics?
It works great with MrSpeakers Ether and HD6XX, so yes to both. And the amp isn't backed by manufacturer warranty, you'll need to contact Massdrop for returns within their 30-day return period for faults.
Cool thanks...
Is there tax or shipping in lower 48?
Can i put a dac or other device on top? Anyone know pwer specs at higher ohms?
this is shipped from Airist with the 2yr warranty?
Headfonics review of the Heron 5
Received the amp today. It didn't have any cosmetic issues. Only been listening for a couple of hours but my impressions so far going from a Gilmore v2 class A and used with Focal Clears/Schiit EITR and Modi multibit: Has a more refined sound which goes well with the Clears. Bass more detailed and highs are definitely smoother, the highs with the Gilmore could sound a bit steely at times. The stepped volume gives me enough subtle range - the Gilmore had too much gain. So far so good!
I just want to buy something. Can i buy this? Pls help
Bought this shit before. It's good. It's just too heavy and large to me. And it's not balanced out.
Anyone got an opinion on how this might pair up with Aeon Flow Opens? Worried about some of the comments around hum on lower impedance headphones (not necessarily planars though). Thanks!
Is there a way to switch voltage from 110v to 220-240v ?
There's no switch, you'll have the option to choose 110v or 220v at checkout.