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AKG K553 Pro Studio Headphones

AKG K553 Pro Studio Headphones

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Has anybody compared the K553 with the original K550 mkii model? I have the later but my cord is starting to get crimped and cuts out often. Really like the signature sound of my K550. I've also found a K550 Mkiii which has a detectable cable but I heard they don't sound quite as nice as the Mkiii. Looking for options and opinions.
Any chance of getting these to drop again? Maybe the updated MKII model?

Just swapped out the hybrid pads from my fostex massdrop txos to my AKG553 s they fit really good and I like them so far and nice change with a increase in the low end. The txos got a pair of brainwavz angled PU leather pads and they worked out really well and hey improvement with the sound separation and low and.
How do I use the warranty that these come with? The 3.5" jack is really glitchy and has to be at a certain angle to work and I want to send it in
After two years of usage, the earmuffs have chaffed and torn in multiple places, leaving my ears with black pieces each time i'm wearing them.
I turned to AKG manufacturer and they told me to turn to the importer in Israel (where i live).
I talked to the importer and they said they don't have replacement for AKG K553 pro studio headphones because they aren't importing it to Israel.
My question is, if i purchased it on massdrop, who can supply replacement parts? because right now i have a $250 paperweight and no one takes responsibility.
I couldn't find even generic replacement muffs because i can't find the correct size, and the original muffs are HUGE.
Another problem is that AKG doesn't even mention the size of these on the box, and it's proven to be impossible to find specs online that do.
I would appreciate any kind of lead on this issue, many thanks!
My ears touched the inner hard part so i bought a thicker earpad on: http://www.ebay.com/itm/King-Size-DIY-Bass-Plus-Soft-Ear-Pads-Cushion-For-AKG-K550-K551-K553-Headphones-/261886607985
According to the dimensions, these XL pads from Brainwavz should be the correct size, though I haven't tried them yet. They also come in sheepskin. If you decide to purchase these, please let us know if they fit. :)

Does anyone have a feel for if or when this drop will come back? Are these available every few weeks? If these are bound to come back in the near future, I'll wait, otherwise I'll look for them elsewhere. Thanks
Disregard.. found them over the Labor Day weekend elsewhere for much less than the price here.
Hey all I have the AKG K553 Pro for sale .
They are used, but are very slightly used 3 hours MAX, Original box, No sign of wear/use.
They are f***ing HUGE and I cannot get a proper seal with my small head.
If anybody wants to offer a price, I can take some pics put it on eBay or wherever,
You let me know!
email me raimondas1990@gmail.com
Still available? How much were you asking?
When will these next go on drop? I have the k550 mkII and am craving the upgrade.
I got these on the last drop. They ain't no Grado, but being closed back, they do well at work.
Non detachable cable.... just why?
Whats the diff between these and the €145 ($165-166) AKG 550II from Thomann ?

MSRP $299 !!! Isnt that far far away from any sence ?

$109.99 - Guess with EU customs and freight the finale price will be equal or higher from MD plus Thomann has an excellent support backup should anything happen.

I hope its ok to mention other retailers here ?
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the k553 is better than the k550.... it has more bass when the k550 is known to be lacking there... and it is also fixed at some mid-high areas... it is an overall better headphone thats why it is in the Pro series... there are some comparison reviews around the web you can read
Idk, from what I heard they were pretty much the same with some minor tweaks that's all, thanks for clarifying.
I have this weird issue and I'm wondering if anybody else has this either. whenever I push in the cups I hear a noise, it sounds like something is flexing, I opened them up to see what it was, did some research, and apparently It has to do with a clear plastic "bubble" around the driver. So I RMA'd them and picked up new ones, once I received the new pair I pushed in the cups , at first they didn't have the same issue but later they developed it as well (the problem was far smaller on the RMA'd unit however). If anyone has found a solution or exhibits the same problem lmk.
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there are plenty reviews ... but not comparisons i think as these 2 are at different level... akg are less accurate... but flat... senheiser are more detailed but a little warm...
akg are studio headphones when hd6xx's are audiophile ones.
thats what i know. with a little search u can find more...google it
good luck!
No I'm sorry , I've never had the 553. 650 is open opposed to the 553 and I've read that it's an improvement. It also depends on your needs as far as open vs closed. However, I am quite sure you'll enjoy the 6xx or 650.
The Akg 712pro are exceptional also. Detailed, good placement, exceptional soundstage and just enough bass. Not flat. My Son loves them for gaming and wants his own, however I'm very unhappy with Harmans customer service. I'll get another pair used. Some really good deals on ebay. Just look it over carefully. Other than that, The 6xx is a good deal and a good phone. Just have to wait till Dec.