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AKG M220 Semi-Open Studio Headphones

AKG M220 Semi-Open Studio Headphones

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is it possible to send in a defective pair for replacement/repair? Mine came in a few days ago and had significant distortion on the left side out of the box.
To be honest I got these specifically to mod out of curiosity. I haven't modded anything yet but I'm used to much more expensive gear, so here's my perspective on them.
Fairly neutral, bass rollof could be a little lower but overall pretty good for $50.
Excellent treble for price range, good extention without sibilance, and not tiring.
midrange is good, not perfect, but it's smooth and full sounding.
Imaging is kinda meh, I played some video games with them and I found it hard to distinguish exactly where sounds were coming from, it wasn't bad by any means, and far better than others in the price range.
Soundstage Is on the intimate side, better than most headphones in this price range but still sounds like it's coming from the speaker just next to your ear, it just doesn't have the width.
Comfort - Needs pads. Pads aren't bad but too shallow and my ear touches the inside foam against the driver, not uncomfortable but could've been improved with slightly thicker pads, I'm going to find some velour ones and try them out.
Build is not the best, it uses mostly good materials but I dont know how long the plastic slider is going to last.
Overall I give it an 8 out of 10, deductions are for cable, (not the length, it just kinks easily) the build, and the comfort.

Also if you're looking for cheap headphone stands, get some AmazonBasics yoga blocks 2 for $9.99 with free shipping. They work great.
Arrived today! First impressions, the most noticeable negative about these headphones are the pads. My head doesn't quite max out the band, but it comes pretty close. The leather pads and fit were just uncomfortable enough I decided to swap them out. I'm using the memory foam/microfiber pads from my Corsair Vengeance 1500 which happen to fit perfectly.

I plugged them into my Schitt Fulla 2 and tried to be objective. My daily driver is the AKG 7xx so that's what I'm comparing to. Going directly from one set to the other, its clear that the M220 is missing some of the soundstage of the 7xx. There's definitely less clarity in the mids and the bass seems to lose some life to the smaller soundstage. That said, the listening experience is very pleasant and smooth. The reproduction seems pretty neutral.

My K7xx flexes its muscles with a much larger soundstage, more comfortable fit, and more clarity across the board. Is it 4 times the quality? I don't think so. I would be happy with the M220s as a my daily driver if need be. They're much better headphones than I expected for $50. The biggest drawbacks are definitely the ear pads and the resistance. These fair a similar fate to my K7xx without an amp. My phone (Nexus 6p) has just enough juice to drive them to a nice volume, but nothing more. The Schitt Fulla 2 definitely brings out the best in them, and their best is way better than I expected!

Whoa I just got a notification that my headphones shipped.... I thought the estimated ship date was the 25? So did they ship early, or did they just post a tracking number way early, before they even have them to ship out?
Comparison to K240 ?
The 240 is a color change from the 220 and meant more as a "special edition"
Same drivers, same earcups, same everything. Which color do you like?
Not true. The M220 are more refined, relaxing with a perfectly smooth high without fatigue. So there is no problem with the rage of the 8-10 kHz range. The rest of the changes are traces or nonexistent.
Anyone tried the brainwavz velour pads on their m220?
Does anyone know where to get cheap velour pads for these? I bought some off of some random website and they were too small and fake velour.
Brainwavz round velour earpads should fit on them and they are ~$25
Hi All,

if anybody from Europe is interrested in this headphones. I have one pair from winter drop for sale. I used them not more then 2-3 months.
I did my own upgrade with new velour pads which made a great pair of headphone in this price range and made them much more comfortable and sealed. Whith the new pads I used them just few time, so they are like new. Great for home use.

In case of interrest please email me on marek.lichtner@gmail.com.
Pictures are with original pads and then upgraded velur.


That's really cool, do have a link to the velour pads? Also were they a drop in replacement, or were mods required? I'd consider buying yours but I'm in America and I already got these on the drop (impulse purchase, I wanted to see what these were about and eventually mod them for fun)
Hi Ishriver, yeah I bought them for same reason, just to try them out. My initial intese was pads for my Beyerdynamic T70p, but the pads were just too big for them, so I tried them for these AKG and it works perferct together. I bought them from eBay, so will be easy to get your own. Here is the link:


33$ For shiping to Greece is way to much !!!

Yeah, shipping to Australia used to be $18 on previous drops, now it's shot up to $32.

I guess it must be the new lead boxes they're shipping them in to protect the headphones from the fall-out of North Korean nuclear missiles...

Damn you, damn you to hell Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un!
This price isn't a deal at all.
It's like 15 bucks cheaper than Amazon. Dunno where they get the 159 MSRP crap from. For a massdrop item it isn't very 'drop' per say.
Same price as all the local and online stores, except with longer shipping times...? Not sure what I'm missing here. That $159 MSRP doesn't mean anything when I can walk a couple blocks away and pick them up for $54....
wow severely disappointed with the sound quality of these
How are this headphones compared to the Akg K612?
Are them viable for music production?
These are the same as the K240, so objectively speaking, the K612 Pro should be better for music production, although the K612 Pro is significantly harder to drive.