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Which model should I go for if I'm a bit bigger? Weight limit isn't an issue but I'm 6'2" and on the thiccer side with broad shoulders.
I would go with the MAX or the PRO. You will be much more comfortable in those chairs.
You can request the drop here and we will ping you next time in launches which should be next week. The Pro series will be added to this drop so you will have your choice.
I’m 5’5” and about 145 lbs. I’m leaning towards grabbing one of these but wondering if they’ll fit me well. Any thoughts?
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Thanks for the reply! Strongly considering jumping in on this drop. I've been sitting in the same chair for the better part of a decade and now I'm old and my back hurts wayyyy more lol
lol, I can tell you that these chairs are comfortable, supportive, and designed for long sitting sessions. You will be happy with it if you decide to jump in.
Which one of your chairs has the best cushioning? I imagine it's probably the Pro? I'm 6'2, 160 pounds, so my bony butt needs as much cushioning as possible!
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The Standard Onyx will be around $349.99 and +$100 for the leather version. I am sitting in one now and its the best chair I have owned.
Thanks for the replies. It's greatly appreciated! I currently use a Steelcase Leap V2. And while it's an amazing chair, like I stated in my original comment, I have a boney butt. And there's just not enough cushioning. So I can sit in it for about two hours before I start having discomfort.
Buyers beware! I'm having a horrible time with a warranty issue. (The steel frame in the seat broke). They sent me a new one, but it doesn't work with my old gas lift. I requested another gas lift and they're ignoring my emails. I chose the AK drop over the cheaper alternative because of this warranty, and now I've gone a week without a word from their representative.
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We are sorry to hear of your trouble. I think "buyers beware" is a little extreme, since it appears we did send you out a new replacement unit and, apparently, without any hassle or delay. The problem you suffered is extremely rare, I myself do not know of any other situation where a Premium chair model has suffered this failure.

In any event, while it's no excuse for not getting back to you, our customer service has been a bit short handed due to unexpected absences the past few days. It sounds like your mechanism does not match the chair you were sent, we did modify the design between the 2017 and 2018 models. I'll ask our team to reach out to you to confirm which model you have and make sure you have the correct parts.
Update, you had heard back from our customer service team yesterday before the close of business that they were sending the correct part and before I was aware of your problem. So, if you think it appropriate, you might want to delete your original post.
When might this drop happen again? I'm trying to get a chair for the school year in a month and I really want to get this one but not sure if it will drop too late and if I should just get the EX. But people say shipping is faster than expected so the EX might arrive too soon to my apartment.
It's looked like this has dropped every few weeks so can I expect it soon?
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I ended up going for the arctica in the last premium drop lol.
Thanks! Massdrop and AKRacing appreciate the business.
I just bought for all intents and purposes a pair of virtually identical chairs at a cost of $84 each, delivered to my front door. The one major improvement that the ones I own possess are the armrests that pivot backwards so as to be out of the way in just a moment of time. Oh, mine sport a different marketer‘s name (these kinds of goods are all contract manufactured), but apart from the armrest feature, they are identical. I bought them off Wish dot com and they took only 7 days to arrive at my California home. Save your money by realizing these are way overprice.
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Apples to Oranges bro. Comparing mid-grade electronics like the $500 headphones to a cheap knock off and then extending that logic to a basic, no-brainer construct like a chair...really?

It’s the same contract manufacturer‘s offering to any number of marketing firms across the globe. The only difference is the badging and the price.

If you want to spend 2 to 3 times the amount on the Drop chair only because it has a branded badge set, then let me tell you about this great deal I can offer you on a 500 acre Pineapple plantation in Anchorage.
lespaul1963 can you post the link to the "virtually identical" chairs you bought, please? I will be happy to admit if they are but strongly doubt that is possible since I know a fair amount about the materials and workmanship that go into our chairs. Which, by the way, are not contract manufactured but made only in our own factory in Yangzhou, China. And we don't make chairs under any other brand or do any contract manufacturing.
I will wait for the k7 or core cloth seats to come to Canada
With rock and lock function
Imo cloth > leather
More comfortable
Great News Everyone!

Akracing allowed us to drop the price on both these models. The SX is now available for $229.99 and the LX is $249.99. I am not sure if this will be the ongoing price so if you been on the fence it might be a good time to grab one!

I'm 6'0" and 135lbs. I should fit well in this right?
Yes, you should be very comfortable.