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Chair showed up today, promptly assembled and put to work... First think I thought when I sat in it was "awe, cant rock back and lock into comfort mode." Come to mass drop to see what everyone else is thinking of there new chair, and to my surprise a new AK chair drop with a feature of "Rock and Lock:" SOB! But I do feel good about the one I got so far. Does anyone know what the plastic square is that came with the headrest pillow? Is that possibly for attaching to the elastic band to help with adjustment or something?
Plactic square is for attaching the head pillow threw the top holes. As for the comment about the tilt lock, yes less then ideal. Especially at this price point( got the LX). Wishing i would have got the pro model
Can't wait to get my new gaming chairs for my LiL Man and ME ^_^!
Is either big enough for me 6’6 280???
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I think with your height and weight you'd find the Pro models, also on a drop now to be a better fit. It is wider and deeper.
thanks! I joined the pro drop!! Can’t wait for my Chair!!!
My child is VERY rough on chairs as he is a vigorous "rocker". How robust is the chair's construction?
Note: He has broken 3 "standard" office chairs in the past 2 years due to his rocking. Literally broken the metal of the pedestal mechanism.
First these are way better built than any standard office chair that you would pick up from Office Depot, Ect. The PU leather used on them is also top grade so they will not flake or crack. Lastly they are backed with a 5 year warranty on the chair and 10 years on the frame.
I'm 6'1" and 150 lbs. Would this chair be a good fit for me?
Yes, this chair would be a good fit.
I've been curious about there chairs for a bit now. How do they compare to an Aeron or even an Ikea Marcus? Maybe not a fair comparison because of the large price difference to a Herman Miller but would like to know what people who have used both think. Also, I get hot easily. Is it going to get hot sitting on this chair? Or is it breathable?
No idea about HM or even the Marcus comparison. The PU leather that they use is not breathable. They seem to recommend getting the fabric/EX if you want something that breaths.
Thanks. I do tend to get hot while I'm at my computer, so I'll have to look into something fabric, or perforated/mesh.
What about delivery to Europe?!
Due to the weight of the product and high shipping costs this is not currently feasible.
Understandable, thank you anyways!
I am definitely interested in getting a decent and comfortable chair but am wondering in the difference between the LX Core upgraded and the Pro series (other than Pro series higher price). I have partial scoliosis and have used Arozzi Toretta XL and Arozzi Monza but found they are uncomfortable after about 30 minutes of use. Can anyone tell me more about the Pro model and upgraded Core LX model as far as cushioning / more memory foam and build? (6'3 and 200 lbs so weight and height fall into normal categories I believe). Thanks in advance!
The LX has 10% more and the Pro has 70% more High Density (55 kg/m³ - Seat + 50 kg/m³- Backrest) Cold Cured Foam than the EX chair, they are both extremely cushioned and comfortable.
Those racing chairs are pieces of shit. They fail at their one job... being a good computer desk chair.

A lot of them come with a removable lumbar support pillow. If your chair doesn't have something as dead-basic as built-in lumbar support, then it is a shitty chair. Especially for the price you pay for those racing chairs.

If you actually want a good chair, look around on Craigslist (or the equivalent in your country/region) for people selling used office furniture. Look for the brands Herman Miller and Steelcase. They are highly regarded as some of the best chairs you can buy. And they last nearly forever with proper care (which is why buying used isnt a big deal). Those chairs cost $600-$1000 retail, but can often be found for under $200 used.
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Haha nah I was grouping AKRacing WITH the better ones, hence why I'm considering one. That's good to know. I want to get a chair that'll last a good while as they're a decent investment and appreciate the response!
Salty opinion. I've had the prox for over a year and purchased it at a similar price to this chair. I'm a larger man 6'6" 300, sit in the chair daily and have never had an issue with comfort.