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AKRacing Pro Gaming Chair (2018 Model)

AKRacing Pro Gaming Chair (2018 Model)

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Received my chair yesterday. Chair seems robust and I'm fairly satisfied. I do have a couple of problems though. One of the plastic covers came in damaged and there is a bolt missing for one of the arm rests. Who do I talk contact to get these replaced.

Really considering getting this chair. I'm 511 and about 190 pounds. I have an athletic build with broad shoulders. Would this be a good buy? Also how does this compare to dxracers? Thank you.
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Sorry im just trolling a bit :P.
Actually happy to hear that for once. Because if you were 5'11" with a 29" shoulder width you would be one awkward looking person.
I just bought the MAX series - cheaper price point. But I am thinking about getting one of these as well, what is the main difference? I don't quite understand the rock and lock mechanism.
The Max series is built for wider bodies and the Pro is built for taller bodies. The Max series has a flat seat bottom while the pro has a taller back and longer seat. The "Rock & Lock" is pretty cool as you can literally rock back in any position and lock the chair in that position. Most chairs can rock, recline, ect but cant lock in any specific position you want.
Thanks dude! That's exactly what I wad wondering.
I'm 5'10 and 135 pounds and some people say this chair is a bit wide so would this an okay fit for me? And any info on when the LX might drop again? My legs are 31 inches for pants.
I'd wait for LX or Premium. Of course, a lot of things are subjective, if you like a lot of room you might be very happy. But one of the aspects of our ergonomic gaming chairs is to support your body and I suspect you would not get enough of that in this design. I am not sure what the schedule is but I am certain both will be around again in the not too distant future.
Thank you very much, I saw B. Hutch comment below that the Premium series will be up Friday and I might pull the trigger on that or wait for the LX to come some point after that since I don't use too much chair space even with my legs up.
I see most comments are about people that are about 6' tall. I was wondering if this would be an appropriate fit for someone that's 5'6" 165lbs.
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I've looked at the measurements of the premium and the pro, and I'm not sure why the pro would be better suited to me.
Pro depth measurement (E) is 21.6 inches
Premium depth measurement (E) is 23.2 inches

I also like to sit with my legs crossed (Indian style) a lot of the time and looking at the width of the seating area on both, the pro might be better suited for that.
Pro width measurement (C) is 16.7 inches
Premium width measurement (C) is 14.6 inches

Am I missing something?
This chair is to big for you. At 5'6" most likely your feet will not touch the floor.
Currently waiting for this one to get dropped again!
Its back! Jump in.
I am confused looking at some of your specs regarding min seat height from the floor.
Can you please clarify the a] min seat height from the floor to the top of the seat and the b] min height from the floor to the top of the arm rests?
AKRacingAmerica, I was wondering if I could join the drop and be sent a red chair when they are in stock again? I don't mind waiting because I really like the red color for the AKRacing Pro Gaming Chair. Or does it not work like that.
sorry, you are correct. It really doesn’t work like that. The good news is that this drop will almost certainly come around again.
I been waiting for the premium to go on drop, but kind of anxious to get a new chair. I was wondering if this would be a good fit for someone who's 5'8 about 150lb. And are the pro's gonna be softer than the premium? i read it has more cushion, i do prefer softer seats.
I have to say that I’m most impressed by the excellent customer service. There were issues with my chair and AKRACING took care of it right away. I will forever be a fan of this company and their great products!