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The best 32 dollars and 11cents spent "period"! I'm completely mind-blown, the sound they deliver for the price is impeccable, we're talking 6mm drivers and it sounds this great! Even the kit that comes with it is plentiful, if I had never seen this things price tag I'd say it was a tad bit expensive than what it had really cost. Bravo to Alpha & Delta, you've made one hell of a pair of IEM's. Better mash that "Request" button the tagline is right "An Absolute Steal!"
They sound great for the price. Easy to listen to, clear and pretty well balanced for the money. Great for on-the-go where you may not want to take your best. Pretty much a no-brainer.
edit: they've burned in and honestly sound like a better version of the munitio tech nines. i dug out my old tech nines to compare and the only difference is that the d3s are clearer with harder bass.


these... are not that great. the fit's really good but they're a little tinny on the highs and a little muffled on the mids and lows. they remind me of my ancient munitios in a lot of ways.
That drop was over quick! I'm too late. Looking forward to next time.
reviews say bass heavy headpone...

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i joined TFZ 2 series~

D3 looks nice though...
Good call. D3 is better built but the Series 2 sounds better, imo. Brighter though.
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