Alpha Industries Slim Fit N-3B Parkasearch

Alpha Industries Slim Fit N-3B Parka

Alpha Industries Slim Fit N-3B Parka

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I have just received the jacket in size Small but still big for me (colour maroon/orange).
Anyine interested in a trade for a XS size?

I live in spain, so preferebly inside europe for not having custom issues.

Still haven't got it :( anyone else??
I just received an XL in Black/Orange, but I'll need an XXL, if anyone is interested in a trade, or in the XL, please let me know! (CONUS only, though.)
The waist is just too small. Is there normal cut drop?
Alpha has a regular fit....they call it "core" fit.
The slim fit is just that.....slim in the body.
You will LOVE the Core fit as Alpha makes an awesome N-3B parka.
Why'd this have to drop during finals? I would've been in on this otherwise. REE
I'm 5 feet 5.5 inches in terms of height, will this jacket fit me? Or will it be too big? I thinking about getting a Medium.
Hey guys. Is there any way to have them ship earlier after the drop? It just starts snowing in my place. Just hope to get it ASAP
i live in Spain... should I pay custom taxes/fees for the delivery??. Thanks in advance.
I'd like to know as well - I live in the UK - would I have to pay for customs as well as delivery etc? $124 sounds like a reasonable deal but wouldn't be cheaper than amazon to pay £150 if it was to include custom charges.
Yes, you'll be charged one or both of import duty and VAT plus DHL's agent's handling fee for shipping to the UK. Theoretically the same would be true for Spain but I haven't ever done that so I can't confirm!
It was 120$ on Black Friday sells, when my friend and I made our orders. Yet alpha industries awfully cancelled my order for no reason. Anyway I'm interested in the Blue one now and hopefully join the drop by the weekend. It's really a beautiful parka in and ok price. Anyone else?
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I've had mine for 6 or 7 years. The fur and big buttons don't last, but the rest of the coat is TANKY. Great quality.
I HIGHLY recommend the Alpha N-3B parka. LOVE mine!
Turns out these coats are popular amongst some youtubers like "The Modest Man", I wound out paying 150$ for mine in NYC so not that much of a difference for me...
Damn, got my parka last time for 94 including shipping to Canada :(
damn massdrops deals just get worse and worse, jumping the price from $60-70 to $125? They’ve really become one of those websites that tries to trick you into thinking you’ve got a “deal” by offering Things at the same price or higher than you’d get them on sale anywhere else. It’s really a shame to see this decline in quality.
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Hi Smallbit! Definitely noted and thanks for the feedback on the special deals...
Anyone that knows Alpha quality and style would recognize that deal in January! I've snagged 2 off of here for my sons, and would've gotten another for myself if I hadn't purchased one from Alpha just a couple weeks prior on a Black Friday deal (that wasn't as good as MassDrop).

Even 120 bucks for this one is a good deal, unless you're some weird size that Amazon has slashed the price on.

Alpha coats are the best.
Just got it and it is awesome. Really top notch for the price. I got the brown, which is a deep dark brown color, and I think this jacket is much warmer than I ever could have imagined. I was thinking it would be a light fluff low quality stuffing but this is like wearing grandmas quilt if grandma was a military vet. Very warm, very sturdy, reinforced elbows, solid zippers, and awesome buttons.
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60 bucks delivered. I think it was a neat deal. The thing is warm. Also I just noticed that they do not make the chocolate color anymore? Which is a shame.
i paid about 69 for both of mine. one is white and one is sage or green. i dont think they sell the white anymore.
i may have the alpha x UO great jackets.