Prometheus Writes Nickel Alpha Pen w/ Blue Clipsearch

Prometheus Writes Nickel Alpha Pen w/ Blue Clip

Prometheus Writes Nickel Alpha Pen w/ Blue Clip

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Would love the brass one.
When is the drop going to be active please I want this pen love it please activate drop ASAP thx
Does this hold the Mont Blanc fine liner cartridge?
Will it take a space pen cartridge?
Pen looks cool, but I don't understand Prometheus' prices. Might as well just get a Mont Blanc.
I've been using mine for 3 years. I absolutely love this pen.
its only nickel plated and a titanium clip? $140? maybe $45. But that is crazy to be that much
The cap came off ALL THE TIME inside my side pocket. Inked everywhere. A little o-ring may solve the problem but please do not use this pen when you wear a light colour pants.
Hi Patrick, you can avoid that by just twisting the cap on a little harder. It's a threaded connection like a nut and bolt, which is held together by force. So if you don't put any force on it (you only need a little), there isn't really anything holding the cap on. This is true for any screw on cap :)
Goddam do I love this pen...killer partner to my TiBolt!!
I'm in for a Copper or Brass version as well!
Me too...I have the nickel and titanium and love them both.
I have the same, titanium is my favorite by far
Hi! Is there any chance of starting a drop for the copper version some time? I for one would be sure to join.
Does this pen accept original Mont black roller ball refills?
Yes, both rollerball and fineliner.
It says body material: Nickel plated 6061 but, what is the material of the body itself?
6061 is Aluminum, also the weight at 31 grams suggests the same. The copper version is 85 grams. This would be an aluminum pen with a nickel plating for both the cap and the pen. The clip is made from titanium and there is a brass accent on the cap.
I gotta say, Massdrop, you guys really need to rethink your shipping process/partners. I realize this isn't Amazon Prime. And I understand that nothing from Massdrop comes quickly, but shipping via FedEx SmartPost is ridiculously slow and unpredictable. My pen was scheduled for delivery on Tuesday.

FedEx had it in my state, about 2 hours from my home on Monday, then sent it to Atlanta to their hub, where it was transferred to USPS who then brought it back to South Carolina and it has now been sitting at the USPS hub about an hour from my house for two days and has been rescheduled multiple times.

Priority Mail would have had it here in 2-3 days anywhere in the US. Standard FedEx ground would have had it here in probably 5 days or less. These may have even been light enough to go First Class Mail.

I've talked about this on drops in the past when you used DHL and it took nearly three weeks for a drop to arrive and was lost in the mail for nearly a week of that time with both DHL and USPS washing their hands of it.

I've gotten to the point where I'm only supporting drops that are really special (like this one) because the shipping takes so long and, in all honesty, the discount isn't usually large enough to offset the long wait times that are made even longer by multi-carrier shipping options.
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I couldn't agree more and sorry to hear about your pen. Priority mail would be a far better option...For purchases like this I'd pay a couple extra dollars if that were an option.
Innovative!! This is a Hall of Fame Moment for Massdrop! They have been nominated now in two categories: Innovative Order Disruption and Largest Box for Smallest Item! Congrats guys!! WooWoo!