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Was the "1 End" and "3 Pg Dn" button supposed to be cruciform stemmed or should it have also been alps?
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Yep got the same response. They’re sending out a new set so hopefully that’ll wrap up this drop for me. Great customer service on their part. Very happy so far
They're doing the same for me. Yes, really great customer service! Very accommodating...
Are these compatible with the corsair K70 rgb?
No. They are Alps keycaps.
These keycaps are very thin just know that
Is this keycap never fade away like my "Tai-Hao Cubic ABS Aquamarine"?
They are double-shot. The legends should not fade.
Sure, I will get it after read and see the comment.
Forever waiting for a PBT version.
Never going to happen.
Olivette, stabs options, and extra keys for swapping modifiers please. Ctrl/caps lock in particular.
Im really confused. The estimated ship date is not until march, but I just got a shipping notification and a tracking number. Has anyone else had their order ship?
Yep! Got a shipment notification this morning. They shipped out months early when they dropped last year too. I’m not complaining! They arrive 2-3 days after they first ship our for me too, which is quite nice.
Where is the 101 set dammit!
These aren't bad for the price. They look pretty decent, but if you're expecting thick caps, you'll be disappointed. They're fairly thin.
Purchased these a while back and they're totally worth it IMO. Not easy to find doubleshot alps switches, let alone in a good looking color way like these. Only criticism would be lack of different modifier sizes to fit different boards, but mine fit perfectly on a KB Paradise V80.
Shoot - I'd buy this if it were Cherry MX - but I know, all of you Alps folks are saying, "now you know how it feels."
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Just a Dolch colorway, lots of people make cherry mx stemmed switches in this colorway.
. . and double-shot and PBT. Those three things are what I am looking for, but there isn't one available today for Cherry MX on Massdrop. I'm waiting for exactly that. I guess it's too standard or typical to have much of a following here. Did everyone already get theirs?