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any idea what is the wrist size for the standard strap?
I've had one for months, it's a very good watch with amazing battery life. Not fancy, the biggest issue I've had with mine is that the heart beat monitor is very inaccurate.
No international shipping? Come on guys... Seriously?
Why won't they ship this to Australia I'm extremely dissapointed
you'll find a cheaper deal on ozbargain than here
I own one as my primary smartwatch. Its pretty great if you only want the basics. All i care for is Time/Date, Notifications (app, txt, call), and Silent alarms.

It has weather, stop watch/timers, compass, alipay, fitness tracking, and heartrate monitor

Its pretty good. I usually get 50 days but I dont use fitness tracking or the HR monitor. Don't care or need them. When just using the stuff I mentioned i get over 50 days pretty easily. I am currently at 9% battery, and have been for 3 days. My app says I last charged it 54d ago. And its still going strong. I usually charge at 5% so that should last me 60 days.

If you need more than what it offers, you wont be happy, but since i care for only the basics, its fantastic.

Also wanted to mention there are tools and apps that help you get third party watchfaces on the watch. It comes with 10 standard shitty ones, but you can find some good ones online. I use Mi Bandage and AlertBridge (i find the default handling of notification mirroring kinda sucks. Alertbridge works better) with my watch. Mi Bandage has facilities to help set custom watch faces. And you can get tons of watchfaces here:
Isn't the "air pressure sensor" and barometer the same thing?
It is, yes.
I have had a Bip since the end of March. It was the new Pebble we never had. There's some weird translation things, there's only one watch face that is 12hr, and there's no quick reply options for texts. My only real wish is that it was more water proof, but ip67 will do. Standard watch band, and about a month long battery life is very impressive. And of course that screen. It's very close to perfect
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I haven't been looking much, but Amazfit hasn't said much about the Bip at all. I really do wish it had music control, but it doesn't that I can find
Couple things: There are two apps I use in addition to the MiFit app. One is "AmazFit Bip & Cor Watch Faces". This offers many other watch faces (hundreds), many of which are 12hr, or analog. I highly suggest it.
Second, I use Amazfit Tools app. This app does have the ability to add functionality through the one button on the watch. For example, I control music in 3 ways: Double click the watch button in quick succession and it will play/pause the music. Or triple click the button and then doing a 'thumbs up' motion or 'thumbs down' motion will adjust the volume up or down, respectively.

Also, i have not experienced any problems with its waterproof-ness. I have swam in my watch in a pool and be in the water at the beach with no issues.
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Is this coupon still active? it doesn't show up for me
No, That was on the previous drop where we listed it for $69.99 - $10 Coupon = $59.99. This time we are just listing at $59.99.
Is there an airplane mode feature? Or can you turn the Bluetooth radio off?
This product does not have Wi-Fi or Cellular so there is no need for airplane mode. The bluetooth does stay on all the time but will not interfere with Airplane's.
I use the original amazfit, absolutely love it for being around the same price point. Constant updates/upgraded features.

Watch faces can be customized, GPS without being connected to your phone so you can sync it after a run, sleep tracker etc. For the price and features, I have a hard time paying for an Apple watch.

Only thing I've changed is the band, which is universal with the quick release.
Thanks for your feedback. I have had a great experience with mine also.
These constantly show up at 59 on Newegg flash and Amazon, at this price is not really a deal.
As far as quality goes, the only issue you hear from SOME users is the Bluetooth range is sucky, other than that it has AMAZING battery life and offers almost every feature you'd want
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annnnd I didnt do that right.
so turned out i was wrong there was only a coupon when this dropped at 69